What To Say To A Mother Who Just Gave Birth

Beautiful Words to the Mother who gave birth, Beautiful Messages to the Birth Spouse and Congratulatory Messages to the Birth Mother.

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What To Say To A Mother Who Just Gave Birth

  • We say welcome to your baby, and get well soon for you.
  • How long have we been waiting for you. Welcome, my dear.
  • Welcome, little baby, may Allah keep you from evil eyes.
  • We wish you years full of health and happiness with your baby.
  • I hope we will see the welcome baby suit / wedding dress.
  • May Allah raise your mother and father, to show their greater aspirations for you little child.
  • We celebrate your coming to the world and wish you a healthy and successful life.
  • May Allah bless your baby. May his long life be blessed.
  • Welcome, sweet baby, your mother was looking forward to you.
  • Say hello to the world, baby, a huge army awaits you with curiosity.
  • What is the most beautiful adjective for a woman? You are the most beautiful of mothers.
  • We are very happy that you join us. Welcome …….……. baby.
  • We wish happiness to the new mother and father and long life for your newborn baby.
  • You were your wife yesterday, you are your mother today. I know that you will be the best mother in the world.
  • You are the most beautiful creature in the world. I hope God will make it possible to raise mother and father.
  • Your eyes are bright, get well soon. I wish your little baby a healthy and happy long life.
  • You walked in the snow for nine months and 10 days. Now, sleepless nights are waiting for me.
  • Welcome baby, never lose smiles on your face. Your mom and dad love you very much!
  • I hope you hug this baby, who opens his eyes to the world, with your warm love. Congratulations.
  • We share the joy of birth and congratulate the young mother and father. May Allah give you health and well-being.
  • We congratulate your baby, mother and father with our wishes for a happy, peaceful and healthy future.
  • Welcome! You are sleepy now, let’s see your bed, good night, sweet dreams.
  • Hello innocent baby; How is it out there is not what you expected, right? We got used to it, you get used to it.
  • I congratulate you for adding a new person to a world with an uncertain future.
  • My dear, I congratulate you and your wife very much. May your little one be with you and a good son.
  • Today is your happiness, your eyes bright past. Good luck to your little baby.
  • Now you are your mother, my father, thank you my love for bringing the first member of our happy home to the world.
  • I congratulate the mother and father with the hope that they will be beneficial children to their family, nation and humanity.
  • Good luck to the new mother and father. May God give your baby a good son to his mother and father.
  • Congratulations! May Allah be among the good children and righteous servants! May God grant mother-father growth.
  • Welcome to our family. I hope the best of all will be with you and your family for life.
  • I wish happiness to the new mother and father who are experiencing the excitement of the first baby, take care of yourself and the little one.
  • We were two lovebirds yesterday, today we have become three flowers of love. Happy first day of my marriage.
  • We welcome your newborn baby and wish you health and happiness to you, precious parents and your offspring.
  • I just got your news, you made me very happy. I’m with you soon. Little ……………… Look well, my dears.
  • You colored our life. Hope you see many healthy, happy and peaceful days. I kiss your tiny eyes.
  • Our prayers are with you, your eyes are bright. Love baby for us too. We wish you good days together.
  • Take care of yourself and the little one, wishing to kiss the little baby’s cheeks in the days ahead. Get well soon.
  • We congratulate the parents and wish your new baby a healthy, happy and peaceful life.
  • We suffered from troubles, we crushed the prints, and we reached happiness at the end. My wife, I love you and our baby very much.
  • I welcome the last and new member of our family to our world and wish you and our family good luck.
  • We congratulate our esteemed brothers and sisters who experience the feeling of mother and fatherhood. We wish our innocent baby a happy life.
  • May the baby you bring to the world be friendly and kind-hearted like you. May your baby have good fortune and life.
  • You did not get a little more than you gave birth immediately. It had been 9 months and 8 days. May God make our home healthy and healthy.
  • Thank goodness you gave birth safely. May God grant you a happy and peaceful life with your baby from now on.
  • My beautiful brother who gave birth to the sweetest, most innocent and sweetest baby in the world. First get well, then get better.
  • You are now a nuclear family of three. I wish every moment of your life to be happy and peaceful. Congratulations.
  • After we have enjoyed your love, what can I do with love, I will live in this world without you, I do not want to, I will die immediately.
  • Without you, we cannot be my life because I combined my life with you. I immortalized my love with a wife like you.
  • Congratulations to my dear brother who met the feeling of motherhood. I wish our little baby a happy life in peace.
  • Let your baby grow up with angels. His name is happiness, surname bright, middle name: goodness, be beauty. Welcome beautiful baby.
  • I congratulate the mother who met the feeling of motherhood today and heard the excitement of her first baby and wish our baby happiness.
  • We welcome our little baby, who has opened his eyes to the world, and wish you a good son for his parents.
  • The heaviest burden was on the mothers; 9 months in the belly, 1 year in her arms, 3 years in her arms, a lifetime in her heart. Good luck with your baby.
  • May Allah always make you smile. You and your baby lead a happy life. Let your child grow up with parents. Just keep walking.
  • Thank you for giving a beautiful son like yourself. Let’s live in peace and happiness together with our marriage.
  • The happiness family, which is two people, has now become three. We wish you happy until the end of your life, and good luck for your newborn baby.
  • We awaited this good news from you with excitement like you do. Thank goodness both you and your baby are healthy. Best wishes.
  • I ask your baby, who opens his eyes to our world for the first time, to have a long life from Allah and to be a good son to you, your precious parents.
  • I burst into big kisses with your baby, who has been lying inside for nine months and will now sleep outside for a lifetime. May your happiness be always.
  • Welcome, baby, mommy and daddy have a healthy and peaceful long life. How impatiently we waited for you. You made us very happy.
  • You made your first maternity today. May Yüce Mevlа make us happy with my wife and baby for a lifetime. May God make the destiny of our marriage beautiful.
  • May the life of our baby, which you brought to the world today, be beautiful and peaceful. May God make a good marriage to us and his nation.
  • We have received the baby’s birth news, we share his happiness. Your eyes are bright. May God raise mother and father. I can feel how joyful you are, brother.
  • A stressful and tense nine-10-day pregnancy movie is over. Now the endless motherhood movie begins. My wife and I, who I love very much, starring.
  • Your mom and dad love you very much! We congratulate our esteemed friends on their safe reunion with their babies. May God always be his helpers and helpers.
  • Do you remember the day you were born? Everyone was laughing while you cried. Live such a lifetime that everybody cries when you die, and you smile happily. Happy birthday beautiful baby.
  • When a person has a wife, everything happens, and he tastes love, love and happiness. Now he brought a beautiful son like himself to the world. I love you my love.
  • May Allah not miss smiles from your faces. I hope compassion, love and respect will not be missing from the heart of your little angel smelling heaven. Take care of yourself my dears.
  • You are now a mother too. I know you will be one of the better mothers. Because you are a kindhearted and patient person. I congratulate your baby and wish him good luck.
  • We would like to see your beautiful baby closely now. We wish the new member of your family a good future. We share your joy. May Allah raise mother and father. Hope to see you.
  • Believe, when your baby grows up, he will be proud to have the child of a mother like you. He will be very glorious to have a mother like you. Congratulations, good luck.
  • The question of how I will give birth, will I take too much weight, will I lose a lot of weight after birth, it was just yesterday. Today, our new question is, who will our baby be like? I love you. I’m done.
  • The sultan of my heart, the sole owner of my heart, my dear wife, whom I love more than my life, you were the greatest gift of the Almighty Mawla, now you gave me a life of your own. May the life of our baby be good.
  • With the hope that love and compassion will not be lacking from the heart of the little angel… May God not miss health, happiness and hope in his life. May everything be to your liking, with the hope that all your longings come to an end.
  • I can’t forget the first day of your pregnancy news and your joy. You were so excited and nine months passed quickly with this excitement. Your baby is with you now. Congratulations, I kiss you all one by one.
  • Dear friend, you finally gave us the news that we have been looking forward to hearing for a long time. Let them live by their names, I congratulate you and your spouse, and I pray from Allah Almighty for a healthy and peaceful life.
  • As of today, a new process begins in which you will wake up with huge screams when sleep is the sweetest at night. “May Allah save you” for your sleepless days. I wish health and peace for your baby.

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