The Smartest Quotes Ever

This is a collection of The Smartest Quotes and words from very reputable authors and actors from different sources, films and occasions.

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The Smartest Quotes

A good person is the person whose smile you love. Dostoevsky

When all words are exhausted, man begins to understand man. Jerzy lec

The life you complain about is perhaps someone else’s dream. Tolstoy

I stay away from people to protect my respect for people. Dostoevsky

Love does not eliminate flaws, it accepts them too. Erich Fromm

The knots on the ropes somehow come loose, the main thing is those in the throat. La Edri

The most important element that makes human beings human; is his conscience and mercy.

Whatever you are, first be the teacher of your soul and a disciple of your conscience Plato

Hell is where love ends in the human heart. Dostoevsky

Not speaking the same language, share the same feelings who may agree. Mevlana.

The wise man does not race so no one can win against him. Lao-Tzu

There is only one way to love people and that is to love them the way they are. Osho

Fortunately, the sky doesn’t fit in any wallet yet. Farid Farjad

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Maybe all we need is; people who do not change when they value. Ts Eliot.

Unless your heart is pure, you cannot separate the ugly from the beautiful. Rumi

You will never encounter the right person. Either time is wrong or human. Dostoevsky

If you feel pain, you are alive, if you can hear someone else’s pain, you are human. Ts eliot

Sometimes it’s not enough to want to have something, it takes more. Azra Kohen / Fi

It is enough for a person to know that he is loved in order to feel alive. Erich Fromm

Sometimes it takes more courage to quit and leave than to stay. lrene Cao / I Feel You

The important thing is not to be smart, but to use the mind properly and on time. Descartes

It doesn’t take much to be happy. Let your eye see, your heart understand. And may your soul live. Ralph Waldo.

The hardest thing in life is; That is the obligation that person needs to motivate himself. Shakespeare

If you don’t laugh, even if you are healthy, you will eventually lose your health Laughing is always medicine. Osho

The wise man uses his mind, the more clever man uses the minds of others. Bernard shaw

The only way to establish quality communication with some is to distance them. Azra Kohen / Fi

You should choose the one that makes you feel better, not the better. Erich Fromm / The Art of Loving

Fools learn little from the wise; but the clever learn a lot from fools. Marcus Porcius Cato

You can think wrong, you can get it wrong, you can do it wrong but you can’t feel wrong. Ts eliot

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Be respectful to the woman; because she is the mother of human beings. Protect the woman because she is the mirror of the future. Montaigne

Blood and bone are found in all humans. What is different is heart and intention. Marlo Morgan / A Double Hearts

Although the pain seems secret that will not go away at the end of every breakup, it will subside over time. Rene Cao / I Feel You.

Do not go wherever the road takes you, go where there is no road; leave a mark. Ralph waldo Emerson

Whatever you look at, it looks at you. Whoever you treat, he will treat you the same way. Rumi

Life is all about the little things, but if you can add happiness to the little things, the sum is enormous. Osho

Valuable person is self-sufficient; can enjoy living alone. He looks for others less than anyone else. Plato

Those who consider their clothes the most important are often no more important than their clothes. William hazlitt

Life begins where fear ends. Life begins the moment you take a step. Life begins the moment you feel confident. Osho

You must love, count, belong but not be attached to anything and nowhere. Hüseyin Cengiz / Touch Me Within

One should hold tight to one’s heart; Because if he lets go, soon his mind goes after him. Friedrich Nietzsche

The situation of a person who has a rich pocket but a poor soul is very disgraceful… Because he; it knows the price of everything, not its value. Rumi

Sometimes letting things go is an action that is many times stronger than holding on to them. Echart Tolle

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Nobody was like me and I was like nobody else. I was alone, they are everyone. F. Dostoyevxi.

Always pay attention to what comes out of your mouth. Because it takes much longer to forget a word than to forget a face. Louis aragon

Stop looking for perfect people. All you need is someone who thinks they’re lucky to have you. Blake

There are no good days or bad days for the person who loves you as you are. He will be there when he has to be there. La Edri

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes; laugh at someone who cries, don’t say hush to someone who moans. Give a shoulder to those who cry, remedy those who groan. Sadi Shirazi

In fact, the thing that hurts people the most; not disappointments. It is the happiness that cannot be experienced while it is possible. Dostoevsky

Whatever you do, no matter how you live; but don’t make someone cry so you can laugh and don’t sell anyone for your interests. Honoré De Balzac

No one is perfect enough to judge another, but some are limitless enough to see this right in themselves. C. Jung

Maybe my happiness comes from this; I rejoice and thank what happened to me, and I do not fall on those who do not. Tolstoy

The moment you expect sincerity from the wrong person, you’re offended. You always get upset when you have expectations from the wrong people. Dostoevsky

Instead of wiping the tears you shed, wipe those that cause it to flow from your life and remember that ingratitude it is the job of weak people. Marquez

Sometimes you have to let it flow; leaves, water, seasons, events, people. And you must wait and see the results. Ralph waldo

One gives two meanings to life, when one is crying and the other is laughing. And he knows only once when he loses what he has. Dostoevsky

A man’s biggest mistake; It’s not about overestimating, it’s about valuing yourself less than it deserves. Gabriel garcia marquez

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Pain that glorifies the soul of man is more valuable than cheap happiness. A sadness that matures a person is more valuable than a thousand and one joys. Dostoevsky

Talent is like a marksman hitting a target that others cannot hit; genius is a shooter who hits a target that others cannot see. Arthur schopenhauer

The only way to improve tomorrow is to know what you did wrong today. To admit his mistakes today and learn from his experiences. Robin sharma

Our worst enemies are not ignorant and simple people, but the educated and depraved. They are people who have learned but are immature. Graham greene

Everyone has a toothbrush, but some do not. The mind is like this; we all have it, but who insists on not using it. Chuck Polahniuk

A person’s maturity can be understood by how much he can manage his anger. A mature person is not an angry person, but a person who can manage his anger well. Dogan Cüceloğlu

A happy person has no ego, because he can only be happy without ego. The more egotless, the happier. The happier, the more egoless. Osho

The hardest thing in life; That is the obligation that person needs to motivate himself. The saddest thing in life is not to find a hand to hold in tough times. Shakespeare.

It is not what you wear or your property that makes you; it is not how many things you have, it is you who made you. It is your character. Lao Tse

A person forgives as much as he likes, the pile grows as much as he eats, grows as much as he gets, misses as much as he thinks, knows as much as he sees. He can think as much as he knows, in short, a person learns as much as he lives. R. Walp

Good people always lose because they fight fairly, good people always lose, because they’re honest, good people always lose, because they don’t care about winning. Confucius

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