The Most Romantic And Heart Touching Quotes

In this post, we have highlighted The Most Romantic And Heart Touching Quotes specifically for lovers, couples and crushes and all those in love and romantic stages.

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  • I am jealous. I’m jealous, confused, angry, but I’m always with you when I go. I love you best.
  • Love must be as innocent as the word “mother” written by the little bodies living in the orphanage on their bunk beds.
  • Love is like the bottle in the bottle spinner game. No matter who he stands, he wants truthfulness or courage.
  • Come! I’m waiting, break my heart again, hurt me! Even hurt even more. It doesn’t hurt any more than thinking about you with someone else. 
  • You always misunderstood me. I said be my future. Come not be my death …
  • The more I want to escape, the more I catch you. I’m burning with you as I want to extinguish I’m defeated! I still love…
  • You must have someone to say if we get wet when the rain starts …
  • Proximity is more troublesome than distance. Because there is a fear of losing in every proximity and hope of reunion at a distance.
  • To love without touching, not the mortar of every heart …
  • Love; it is like a callus from the heels to the flesh Either you will step into pain, pain, or you will take away your life in pain. There will be one truth in both ways; it will hurt very, very much …
  • Try to forget that I will forget as much as you want, somehow a song plays in your ear somewhere and you remember it again.
  • And you will never find a locksmith to make the left key. I think you’ll stay at the door of that song for the rest of your life! 
  • As if I never regretted it, life brings people who say ‘I regret you’ against me.
  • If I were in a position to talk now, I wouldn’t give what I wouldn’t give to hear your romantic-words  voice, I can’t tell you how much I love you, if I could find the way, I wouldn’t have suffered right now.
  • I’m in love with a pair of eyes and blind to all other eyes …
  • You are sometimes the sun of my pitch black night, sometimes the joy of life that encourages you, and you are always the only reason for my love.
  • Perhaps the people who will change our lives have passed us quietly while walking on the road.
  • Do you know in how many different ways three letters can be put one after the other? You say love. You say. I say. You, I ends; we say. One day you say go. Well, don’t you know the word stop? Don’t you know how to say stop? It’s easy to say go, are you brave enough to say stop?
  • If you are going to go in when it rains, I will go to far countries with you.
  • May 2 roses in two colors be available in the world, one is red, the other is white. If you forget me, the reds will fade, if I forget you, the whites will be my shroud.
  • Wherever there is love, there is always someone alone.
  • Sometimes you can afford to be unhappy so that “he” is more happy than you. You can even be very unhappy.
  • Maybe life could have been better if there was someone who said “Let’s talk to sleep” …
  • Do you take care of yourself, do you sleep on your superior, do you go out without a jacket, does God give you trouble, it doesn’t concern me anymore.
  • You haven’t seen what I can do for you yet. I can love you very much for example …
  • Love is not laughter on the lips, but tears in the eyes. The purpose is not to die for love, but to find a lover to die for … 
  • If you were with me half the time you were on my mind, it seems like there would be no problem at all.
  • If you can’t find me in this street, this district, this city, darling know that I; I am where your eyes plunge.
  • I deserve better… What would I do with you if I could make the right decisions for myself.
  • It is no longer a new beginning we always dreamed of; We must want a happy ending that we never thought about.
  • Don’t overdo it. Because the love that you cannot fit into the heavens will one day fit in a goodbye.
  • It is a fact that the sun rises and it sets… It is a fact that my heart beats, it is also the end of the day. I love you, here is the biggest truth …
  • Everyone gets together in happy moments. The important thing is to be able to share the unhappiness …
  • You are in the dark of the night, in the light of the sun, in the drop of water, in the enthusiasm of the flood, whom you are with me in my dreams but always in my mind, do not forget …
  • This is not jealousy. I cannot share what is mine with anyone else. So. 
  • One day, if a wind blows over there. If he whispers my love for you in his ear, remember! Send me a pinch of love too.
  • If you are the one who spreads my soul on the ground and makes me long for your love, I neither curse your love nor have a grudge against you, I swear to love you until the dawn!
  • Your words are in my mind or behind my mind, your dream is in front of me, or your voice is in my ear, I’m crazy, or I miss so much, either to miss, or a very special one that is missed.


  • I don’t mind writing poetry for you. Your being’s poetry is already…
  • It burns so much that you think you have committed all the crimes in the world. Whereas you just loved.
  • In the same city you exist, I exist, we do not exist. What a pain …
  • Borrow your hair. Four springs passed. I did not kiss the scent of flowers. It has been a long time since we gave up happiness. Give it from your smile, take it from my life .
  • Look at my eyes, love fills this devil
  • My heart was plundered, my life, my everything. They shot my memories, I was defeated in this war, what am I, a grave somehow I am …
  • Leyla! I have no fault other than my despair.
  • Sometimes words are like shards of glass; man’s mouth full. Sussan hurts, if you speak it bleeds.
  • Whenever we played wishes with him, he always won. How would I say in my mind when I was in my heart.
  • Who hears you even if you cry for? Who understands what is happening outside? Those who see Leyla’s face will know: The thorn in Mecnun’s heart!
  • There was no unspoken word under the sun. That’s why I say my love at night.
  • I am the piece of glass covering the fire button on the wall, if your salvation is to be, don’t think about it, break me with the heel of your shoes.
  • Loneliness has taught you a lot, but don’t go, I’ll stay ignorant.
  • If I could explain you. It is another name for absence, hell. I’m cold, don’t close your eyes.
  • Gonul is not an inn but a lodge. You cannot go in and out headlong, it is a sin!
  • If I had a gun, I would have a gun… I would shoot poverty in the temple, Loss in the heart, and without you in the middle of his forehead.
  • I have not sacrificed any letter to a sentence without you …
  • Not so cheap rose smelly. The hand holding a rose must prick. Anyone who loves a love must sleep at the door of that love.
  • Don’t come untimely, if my hands are messy, I can’t hug them …
  • They said: you were not like this in the past, you were withdrawn… I said: what should this heart, which is content with its content, do you now.
  • Put my life from the ‘coffee’ of your eyes, let me stay in ‘you’ for forty years!
  • Some wounds that heal blood to blood. Like love, like betrayal, like loneliness … It will be late, it will be difficult, but it will definitely happen in the end …
  • One does not die in the ocean, but one goes and drown in love.
  • Yesterday a song was played on the radio, I accompanied the half of them and my eyes were on the half. It hurts so much to say but I miss you so much.
  • You put goodbye to my bread, now I’m with your “love” wife; what poems I will write for you.
  • Come at such a time that it is impossible to give up. Maybe I’ll go through a thousand loves and not see any of them.
  • This is my talent. I love you even if you are not, even I will leave you, you will not know.
  • So you know what’s the best to be with you? Feeling the warmth of your hands that makes my palms sweat without touching my hands …
  • Is it because I started without feeding, I can’t get enough of loving you?
  • With the innocence of a child, I say once again “apple” now come out! I am left without love, dear, loneliness scares
  • I am like a poet who escaped muse… My pen is not a word, my heart writes without you…
  • God, kill me such an autumn frost that you will not find a single rose to put in my grave …
  • Come together let’s breathe that I love, it doesn’t pass through my throat without you.
  • It’s not my intention to meet you, don’t worry! If I see a beggar on the road, I do not even give money because he says, ‘May Allah reunite what he loves’
  • It’s not the fault of the season. Your absence is cold.
  • You are the initials of my silence, underlined in red between the lines of my deciduous youth and in quotation marks.
  • Loving You; It is like waiting for a cause that will not come, a departure that will not come.
  • I am so tired that I am not surprised at anything anymore. And I don’t care nobody, I’m busy seeing what I’m doing. 
  • You’re the unknown in a mathematical inequality. It is understood; ‘I will solve you by leaving you alone. 
  • Love is chasing more than running, longing more than seeing, waiting too much than going, thinking more than touching. And love is such that it chooses wherever the impossible is.
  • If you do not let it break from where it thinks, the day will come and it will break off from the strongest part… It hurts…
  • Love means neither in the throat, nor eating by candlelight, nor an expensive diamond. Love; means two happy people in one bite …
  • It’s not your fault, “life”, I have already come here to say “goodbye” …
  • Meeting you was the biggest mistake of my life and I am right to avoid meeting you on the other side! 
  • Did you sleep?” It is written, “What if you haven’t slept, I need to talk.”
  • I don’t like the sound of this clock, let the time stop flowing. Romantik -sozler  They say that everything has a before and after; lie. Maybe I existed before you, but believe me, my love, I won’t be after you.
  • If only it was as easy as closing the window when we get cold, shut our hearts to that person when we realize that we are not loved.
  • When I was young, my mother used to say, when she saw bread on the ground: put high, birds eat. We always kept our loved ones high, did the birds eat it?
  • Some do not speak; He looks into his eyes for 5 seconds, 5 years from his life.
  • Never mind. Do not think that the creator will help, that is the profit made by the oppressor, and the oppressed will bring down the people. Everything has a time!
  • If everyone drinks as much as they lose… I’ll be the last to get up from that table ..!
  • In a place where loving like men is forbidden, the more you love, the more you suffer. After? You stay with your pain. 
  • Do you know why songs are called “tracks”? Some complete their missing parts when they need it.
  • Come out in such a way that whenever I look at me, I will feel like I am seeing you for the first time, almost dying. 

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