Lord Shaxx Quotes

Lord Shaxx Quotes. But first, who is Lord Shaxx?

Lord Shaxx is the Titan manager of the Crucible and a vendor for Crucible-related items.

He is found in the Tower near the Vanguard.

However, in Destiny 2 he is located in the Courtyard, behind the vaults.

He is assisted in his duties by Arcite 99-40, the Crucible Quartermaster.

He does serve as a vendor in Destiny 2.

Lord Shaxx also serves as the announcer in the Crucible, with the exception of the monthly Iron Banner tournament, which is hosted by Lord Saladin Forge and Trials of Osiris, which is hosted by Saint-14.

Lord Shaxx Quotes: The Game

Winning Quotes- Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes


“The Crucible is open.”

“Crucible’s open.”

“Get back out there.”

“Yeah, well screw him.”

“Step up.”

“You think you’re good enough?”

“Here to cash in?”

“Until next time.”

“Hey. Yeah, you.”

“Hey, you. Yeah, you.”

“Do we have a problem here?”



“Hey… hit me… hard as you can.”

“What do you need?”

“No need to be polite.”

“Let’s do this.”

“Anything you need, Guardian?”

“Anything I can do for you?”

“You want the Crucible? I am the Crucible.”

“You look like you’ve got what it takes.”

“The darkness may as well come in and take the place if that’s all we’ve got.”

“Would love to get Zavala back in the Crucible, teach the new breed how it’s done…”

“You want to take on the Cabal? You’ve got to train, or they’ll stomp you flat…”

“Hey. *Laughs* You look like you need training, Guardian.”

“Rise and shine, Guardian.”

“If you think it will suit you.”

“Rise and shine, Guardian.”

“Evening, Guardian.”

“Cayde ran through the Crucible like it was a game… sly bastard.”


“(Hivebane) If you’re looking for Shaxx, you’ve found him.”

“Good to see you, Hivebane.”

“*laughs* It’s the Hivebane.”

“Honor is earned.”

“The honor is mine, Hivebane.”

“See you, Hivebane.”

“Ikora’s gift for the Light is like none I’ve seen before.”

“Hivebane. (laughs) Love it.”

“The Hivebane. I love it.”

“The slayer of Oryx.”

“Are you ready, Oryx slayer?”

“I trust you’re prepared, Hive slayer.”

“I will see you around.”

“I’ll be here, Hivebane.”


“Let’s get you back out there.”

“Let’s get you ready.”

“FWC’s getting antsy. They must be preparing for something.”

“Do you think you can match them?”

“I really appreciate your efforts, Guardian.”

“Well done.”

“No better time to gear up.”

“I wanna see that back in the Crucible.”

“Let’s see you use that.”

“Now you’re ready to get to work.”


“I will tell you how I lost my horn, but it doesn’t live up to slaying Oryx.”

“I’m not gonna tell you how I lost the horn; you couldn’t handle it.”

“I’d tell you to hit me, but I think it would hurt.”

“You wanna stare me down?”

“You think you take me?”

“I’ve seen the best, Guardian.”

“You’re the best.”

“Your honor, Guardian.”

“Keep it up, Guardian.”

“Tick, tock. Get rolling.”

“Something wrong?”

“What is the holdup?”


“Or we should settle this in the Crucible.”

“Wasting my time is no way to impress me, Dreg.”

“What could possibly challenge you, after Oryx?”

“Go find what awaits you after Oryx.”




“You fight for all of us.”

“You’ll know where to find me.”

“Hope you know how to use that thing.”

“Have you been to the Crucible?”

“You killed the King! (laughs)”

“What’s next?”

“Honor is earned.”

“Till next time.”

“Well, Dead Orbit isn’t calling the shots. I am.”

“You fight for the City.”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Crucible

Now Quotes-Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes

“Stick together, team.” (Clash)

“Engage and execute all targets.” (Clash)

“Work together. And you might survive.” (Clash)

“No holding back! Your enemies won’t!” (Clash)

“Nothing complicated here. Defend your allies and defeat your opponents.” (Clash)

“Best your opponents and survive! Victory is a matter of will.” (Clash)

“Get your head in the fight, Guardians.” (Clash)

“Execute all targets, and make sure you’re still standing when the dust settles.”

“Capture and hold zones to claim victory.” (Control)

“Hold the zones! They’re the only path to victory.” (Control)

“Time to fight, Guardians. Capture all zones.” (Control)

“Capture the zones. They’re all that matters.” (Zone Control)

“Take those zones, Guardian! Victory demands it.” (Control)

“Focus on the zones. Control them to claim victory.” (Control)

“Capture and defend, Guardians.” (Control)

“Only one path to victory, Guardians. Capture the zones, destroy your enemies.” (Control)

“Show me you can take ground. Hold the zones.” (Control)

“I know you can fight, but can you hold territory?” (Control)

“If an enemy defeats you, hold tight. An ally may be close.” (Skirmish)

“(in serious tone) Stick together, team.”

“Watch your back, Guardian. No one else will.” (Rumble)

“The enemy is everywhere.” (Rumble)

“You’ll find no allies on this battlefield. Fight hard!” (Rumble)

“The enemy is all around you.” (Rumble)

“No one to help you here. Success belongs to you alone.” (Rumble)

“Claim the relics before your opponents do.” (Salvage)

“Find the relics and secure them.” (Salvage)

“Secure the relics and smash your opponents!” (Salvage)

“Fight for the Spark. Take it into the Rift.” (Rift)

“The Spark will ignite the Rift, and your enemies will burn.” (Rift)

“Prove your worth to the Iron Lords.” (Iron Banner)

“The Iron Lords are watching, Guardian.” (Iron Banner)

“Show the Iron Lords what you’re made of.” (Iron Banner)

“How will you fare against utter chaos?” (Mayhem)

“Enjoy yourself, Guardians.” (Mayhem)

“Good luck.” (Mayhem)

“(chuckles) Time for battle!” (Mayhem)

“How will you fare against utter chaos? (quietly chuckles)” (Mayhem)

“Destroy them with your Light!” (Mayhem)

“Let’s see what you can do with no limits!” (Mayhem)

“Once more unto the breach! (laughs)” (Mayhem)

“Here’s how this works: break your opponent and retrieve their crest.” (Supremacy)

“The rule is simple: defeat your enemy, claim their crest.” (Supremacy)

“Defeating an opponent drops their crest! That’s your cue to take it.” (Supremacy)

“Take your enemy down, then take their crest. Their honor will come with it.” (Supremacy)

“Get the kill. Then, get the crest!” (Supremacy)

“Take a Guardian’s crest and you take their honor. Don’t let it happen to you.” (Supremacy)

“One kill. One crest. Make it happen, Guardian!” (Supremacy)

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Team winning

End Quotes-Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes

“You’ve gained the lead.”

“Gained the lead!”

“You’re in the lead.”

“You’re in the lead. Don’t choke, Guardian!”

“Your team is in the lead.”

Team far ahead in points

“You’re crushing them!”

“Your strategy is working. Keep up the good work.”

“Haha! The Crucible is no place for mercy.”

“Ha, you’re crushing them! Send them home crying.”

“This isn’t a fight. It’s a massacre.”

“Show them that you’ve got this.”

“Oh, did they ever stand a chance.”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Enemy winning

Sweet Quotes- Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes

“Lost the lead.”

“You’re falling behind.”

Team far behind in points

“They’re crushing you.”

“Don’t give up. Fight!”

“You’re not dead yet, Guardian…”

“You fight to win, Guardian. So fight.”

“Looks like you’ve misjudged your enemy.”

“Don’t let up!”

“Prove your worth, Guardian!”

“Fight back! Control the zones!” (Control)

“Capture and control the zones or this is over.” (Control)

“You can come back from this, Guardian! Take the zones!” (Control)

“The fight is over if you can’t secure the zones!” (Control)

“Regroup and combine your efforts. Or suffer the consequences.” (Control)

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Close to winning

Motivational Quotes -Patsy Cline Quotes
Rabdom Quotes

“Victory imminent!”

“You’re almost there!”

“Finish them!”

“One final push and victory is yours!”

“It’s not over yet, Guardian. Make it happen.”

“It ain’t over yet, Guardian. Make it happen.”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Close to losing

Time quotes-Borderlands Psycho Quotes
Random Quotes

“You’ve nearly lost.”

“Defeat is imminent.”

“They’ve almost won!”

“The enemy’s almost won!”

Lord Shaxx Quotes: Heavy Ammo

Arriving soon

“Heavy ammo on the way.”

“Heavy ammo inbound.”


“Heavy ammo available.”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Match Result

Motivation Quotes-Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes


“Good work, Guardian. I could have used you in the field.”

“Well done. I could have used your talents in the field.”

“Good work, Guardian. Your light is strong.”

“Another battle won. Onto the next fight.”

“You’ve shown your might, Guardian. Well fought.”

“You played with heart, Guardian. Their loss was inevitable.”

“You can fight by my side anytime, Guardian.”

“Haha! Is that what victory smells like?”

“Haha! More efforts like that and we might just win this.”

“I know total domination when I see it! Superb!” (Mercy win)

“Your victory gives the city hope, Guardians.”

“Your victory gives the city hope.”

“Nice work, Guardians. Your efforts have been noted.”

“Hard-fought victory, Guardian.”

“A fireteam at its finest.” (Skirmish)

“You take these small team drills seriously. It’s admirable.” (Skirmish)

“Targets eliminated. Congratulations, Guardian.” (Elimination)

“You can fight by my side any time, Guardian.”

“Zones controlled. Targets eliminated. Nice work.” (Control)

“Zones controlled. Targets eliminated. Good work, Guardian.” (Control)

“You started with nothing but a fighting spirit. Now you have an arm full of crests and all the honor that goes with it.” (Supremacy)

“My respect for you grows with every crest you claim, Guardian. Well fought!” (Supremacy)

“Brutal tactics, Guardian. Such combat stirs my blood!” (Doubles)

“That victory was yours, and yours alone!” (Rumble)

“No one in that arena can stand against you!” (Rumble)

“Your spirit is unrivaled. Show me more!” (Rumble)

“We can’t claim resources without force. Good work out there.” (Salvage)

“Excellent resource acquisition. I was most impressed by the shooting.” (Salvage)

“You held onto those relics like your life depended on it!” (Salvage)

“Salvage completed. Relics secure. Nicely done, Guardians.” (Salvage)

“Relics are the key to our past. The more we recover, the stronger the City will become.” (Salvage)

“Your legend is being forged in fire, Guardian.” (Rumble)

“Well played. Rift ignition never smelled so sweet!” (Rift)


“Not enough, Guardian. You can do better. Fight again!”

“Your Light was not enough, Guardian. Get ’em next time.”

“Defeat is not surrender, Guardian.”

“This battle is lost, but there will be others.”

“You may be defeated, but you must never surrender.”

“Your team lost. Try again.”

“Do you like it better when Lord Saladin oversees these matches? Do I look like I care? Get back in there!”

“Be patient, Guardian. If the enemy gets the better of you, wait for an ally.” (Skirmish)

“Let this defeat be a lesson: only the strong survive.”

“You will learn from this defeat.”

“Stand tall, Guardian. This battle is lost, but there will be others.”

“I know that’s not the best you’ve got. Now do it again.”

“Let the sting from this defeat feed your fire.”

“Crucible matches require more focus. Again!”

“They’ve outmatched you this time, Guardian, but victory is a matter of persistence.”

“Worry not, Guardian! Now, fight again!”

“Make pain your ally and victory is yours!”

“You’ve got to hold those zones. Maybe next time, Guardian.” (Control)

“No… not this time. Controlling those zones is the only path to victory.” (Control)

“The city will never gain new ground if we can’t hold territory.” (Control)

“The zones are everything!” (Control)

“Glory demands more, Guardian!” (Supremacy)

“Your crest is your honor, Guardian! Protect it!” (Supremacy)

“Your glory, Guardian. Reclaim it!” (Supremacy)

“Before the day is done, we’re getting your glory back. Fight again.” (Supremacy)

“I will not accept surrender, Guardian. You have dignity to maintain!” (Supremacy)

“They took your glory, Guardian. Reclaim it!” (Supremacy)

“You’ve lost, but so have others. You can come back from this!” (Rumble)

“Don’t be discouraged. There can be only one winner. Come back stronger!” (Rumble)

“You have lost, but so have others. Come back stronger!” (Rumble)

“The relics are the key. You’ve gotta do more than fight.” (Salvage)

“You’ve gotta hold your ground, Guardians. Protect those relics next time or get used to defeat.” (Salvage)

“Let your losses drive you! Get back in there!”

“Failure is just a lesson in tactics.”



“Tie game.”

Mercy Rule

“Enough! This battle was one-sided.”

“I know a one-sided fight when I see one.”

“I’ve seen enough! I’m calling this one.”


“Five minutes remaining.”

“Only five minutes left!”

“Only one minute left.”

“One minute.”

“You’ve got thirty seconds.”

“Thirty seconds remaining.”

“Thirty seconds remaining! This is going to be close.”

“Thirty seconds and counting.”

“Too close to call. Keep the pressure on!”

“Thirty seconds left.”

“Thirty seconds left. Stay focused.”

“Just thirty seconds. Get it done.”

“Thirty seconds left. This is going to be close.”

“Thirty seconds left. You’ve got this!”

“Thirty seconds, Guardians. Keep it up!”

“You’ve got ten seconds!”

“Ten seconds remaining!”

“Only ten seconds left.”

“You’ve got ten seconds.”

“Ten seconds. Go down fighting!” (On the verge of losing)

“Ten seconds. Fight to the end!”

“Just ten seconds to go.”

“Ten seconds! Bring it home, Guardians!”

“Ten seconds! Bring it home, Guardians!”

“Ten seconds! Give them hell!”

“Ten seconds! Give ’em hell!”

“Ten seconds. Get it done.”

“Ten seconds remaining! Give ’em hell!”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: First Blood (First Kill in Match)

Today Quotes-Borderlands Psycho Quotes
Random Quotes

“Magnificent! Now stay focused.”

“Oh yes! The battle lines have been drawn!”

“First Blood goes to you! They’ll seek retribution for this.”

“For the hounds of war are loose!”

“Excellent! Let the battle be joined!”

Double Down (2 Rapid Kills)

“Double down!”

“Two for one!”

“Double kill!”

Triple Down (3 Rapid Kills)

“Three opponents down!”

“Triple down!”

“Yes! Three down!”

“Three down!”

Breaker (4 Rapid Kills)

“Fantastic work!”

“This is amazing!”

Slayer (5 Rapid Kills)

“Look at them fall!”


Reaper (6 Rapid Kills)

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing!”


Seventh Column (7 Rapid Kills)

“Seventh column!”


“Your legend grows!”

“With ten like you, I could end war.”

“Let them burn in your light.”

“I haven’t seen a firefight like that since Twilight Gap.”

“Fight forever, Guardian! (chuckles)”

“A show of strength!”

“Skill is its own weapon. You wield it well.”

“I will never underestimate you!”

“I want more, Guardian!”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Reign of Terror

Progress Quotes- Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes

“Well executed.”

“Well fought!”

“Keep it up, Guardian.”


“Your results speak for themselves!”

“Sound tactics, Guardian!”

“Exquisite work!”

“I appall sitting here while others fight my battles, but I wouldn’t have missed that match for anything.”

We Ran out of Medals

“What I wouldn’t give to fight again beyond the walls. I would tear out a Vex heart with my teeth! I would sear the Cabal with my burning Light, challenge the Fallen Kells to personal combat and scatter them! I… I’ve been watching too many Crucible matches.”

“Oh my. This is… this is beautiful. You continue to be my greatest success, Guardian.”

Unsung Hero

“And that’s why we have fireteams.”

“Strength in numbers, Guardian! Excellent!”

“Yes! You and your allies move as one!”

“Your allies have your back.”

“Excellent teamwork!”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Gamemode-specific

Failure Quotes-Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes

Control/Zone Control


“Zone Control.”

“Zone A captured.”

“You captured Zone A.”

“Zone A secure.”

“Zone A’s captured. It’s yours.”

“Zone B captured.”

“You captured Zone B.”

“Zone B secure.”

“Zone C captured.”

“Zone C secure.”

“Zone A neutralized.”

“You neutralized Zone A.”

“Zone B neutralized.”

“You neutralized Zone B.”

“Zone C neutralized.”

“All zones held. You have total control.”

“Total control! Good work.”

“Enemy captured zone A.”

“Zone A lost.”

“Zone B lost.”

“Zone C lost.”

“Enemy captured zone B.”

“Enemy captured zone C.”

“Enemy controls all zones.”

“You control all zones.”

“You’ve lost them all.”

“They’ve got them all. They’ve got total control.”





“Wipe them out!”

“Wipe out the enemy team.”

“Eliminate all enemy targets.”

“All enemies have been eliminated.”

“Eliminate your opponents and claim victory.”

“Eliminated. That’s a shame, Guardian.”

“Your team was eliminated.”

“Your team was eliminated. Better luck next time, Guardian.”

“All enemies have been eliminated.”

“Last guardian standing!”

“You’re the last Guardian!”

“Last guardian! Revive your teammates.”

“It’s up to you now.”

“You’re the last gun in the fight.”

“You’re all that remains.”

“Capture the zone to end this quick!”

“End the round! Capture the zone!”

“If you can’t kill them, capture the zone.”

“Enemy team eliminated.”

Iron Banner

“Iron Banner Control.”

“Iron Banner Clash.”

“Iron Banner Rift.”

“Iron Banner Supremacy.”

“Iron Banner Mayhem Clash!”



“New relic located.”

“The enemy’s found a relic. Stop their probe.”

“The enemy’s disabled your probe.”

“Your probe’s been shut down.”

“Fight! Disable their probe.”

“They’ve disabled your probe.”

“Relic compromised.”

“Relic lost.”

“They’ve got the relic!”

“Relic seized!”


“Mayhem Clash.”

“Mayhem Control.”

“Mayhem Rumble.”



“Spark ready. Take it!”

“Charging the spark.”

“Runner out. Push forward!”

“The spark has arrived.”

“Spark charging.”

“They stopped you. Learn from this.”

“Defend your runner!”

“Enemy team has the spark.”

“Enemy runner active! Stop them!”

“You’ve got the spark.”

“You’ve got the spark. Ignite the rift!”

“Stop for nothing, Guardian!”

“Run the spark, Guardian!”

“Run! Ignite the rift!”

“Enemy runner advancing.”

“Your runner has the spark.”

“Your runner is advancing.”

“Runner down.”

“Enemy rift ignited.”

“Your team has ignited the enemy Rift.”

“You ignited the rift. Good work!”

“The enemy ignited your rift!”

“Too late. They’ve got your rift.”

“They got you, Spark runner.”

“You’re down but not out, Spark runner!”



“Their dignity is yours!”

“They never saw it coming.”

“Their crest belongs to you now!”

“The crest is yours, Guardian!”

“Their glory is yours!”

“Glory is yours.”

“Their glory goes to you, Guardian!”

“Excellent retrieval! Now fight on.”

“Their honor is shattered!”

“No one shares the glory of that one, Guardian!”

“Securing the crest is vital. Good work, Guardian!”

“This is how you grow stronger.”

Combined Arms

“Combined Arms.”

“Pike inbound.”

“Interceptor inbound.”

“New Pikes arrived.”

“Interceptors arrived.”

“Interceptor available.”

“New Pike available.”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Destiny II

Destiny Quotes-Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes


“The EDZ needs our help, Guardian, get out there.”

“Always good to see another hero of the Tower.”

“What do you mean you can’t concentrate when I’m yelling!? Relax!”

“Hang on, I need to handle this… What do you think heavy ammo available means Guardian? TELL ME! Because I don’t think you get it!

“I’ve got an entire Crucible to officiate, Guardian. Don’t make me wait.”

“Tell me, Guardian… did you pull the trigger on the fair Prince?”

“Cayde… is gone. And so now is Uldren.”

“Cayde’s gone, and I wasn’t the one to kill him… Always thought it would be me.”

“If there’s any fight left in you, Guardian, get up! And give it to me!”

“Dying is an essential element of the Crucible. Get back in there!”

“I don’t care that you have strikes to get to! Worry about the fight in front of you!”

“The Reef is in turmoil… Nothing changes.”

“Did you see that grenade toss? He’s a danger only to himself!”

“This match would be funny if it weren’t so embarrassing, Guardian!”

“We have to act immediately; Red Legion is everywhere.”

“I can see it in your Light . You’ve made a bargain.”

“They say the Dreaming City is cursed. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you, Guardian? You do walk with a world-ending sword.”

“Tell Hawthorne I said: soon. She’ll understand.”

“The Tangled Shore… It’s a lawless frontier.”

“Stop by when you return, titan! We’ll trade punches… I’ll let you go first.”

“What’s going on out there? Talk to me, Guardian.”

“Welcome back! Here to forge your Light?”

“The Tower is never dull when you’re around!”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Crucible Destiny II

Action Quotes-Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes

Match Intro

“Enemy approaching! Defend the charges, or defeat your opponents.” (Countdown)

“Your Ghost has limited power. Survive at all costs!” (Survival)

Your Team Winning

“Enemy team has no reserves left! Finish Them!” (Survival)

“Opposing team annihilated.”

“Round start. You’re ahead.” (Survival)

“Enemy team is out of lives. Topple them!” (Survival)

“Round start. You’re in the lead.” (Survival)

“You smashed your enemies to dust!” (Survival)

Team far ahead in points

“You’re dominating the field! Don’t let up.”

Enemy Winning

“Your opponents have built a lead. Destroy it.”

“Your enemy is on match point. The line must be drawn here!”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Team far behind in points

Happy Quotes-Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes

Close to winning

“One enemy left.”

“One opponent remains.” (Survival)

Close to losing

Power Ammo

(sarcastically) “Oh no!” (laughs)



“Go! Make them cry!”

Match Win

“They can’t win if they’re dead! Haha!”

“I tell everyone you’re my favorite guardian. WHO CARES? YOU FIGHT LIKE AN ANIMAL.”

“You looked death in it’s beady eyes and you spat in them! You fiend.”

“A win well executed.”

“The weight of the world was on your shoulders, and still you triumphed. Marvelous.”

“All enemies down. All lives expended. Total victory!” (Survival)

Match Loss

“Your team has been neutralized.”

“They got you all. Fight another.”

“You’re all down. This fight’s over.”

“Your enemy understands the art of demolition. You’ll get there.” (Countdown)

“Not this time. You’ve been defeated.” (Survival)

“The best thing about being a Guardian is that you’re never truly beaten.”

“You’ve been beaten… this time.”

“Defeat… comes for us all.”

“Glory comes and goes, Guardian. If you want it, it can be yours again.”



Mercy Rule

“I’ve seen enough, I’m calling this one.”


“One minute.”

“One minute left. The enemy is out of second chances!”

“Tie-breaker active! The end is coming!”

“Thirty seconds! Slay your enemy, and they stay dead!”(Survival)

“Ten seconds.”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Medals

Passion Quotes-Lord Shaxx Quotes
Random Quotes

First Blood (First Kill in Match)

Double Down (2 Rapid Kills)

“Two for one!”

“Tell them to line up faster!”

Triple Down (3 Rapid Kills)

“Three opponents down!”

Breaker (4 Rapid Kills)

“Look at them fall!”

Ruthless (5 kill-streak)

“This is wonderful!”

(Hunter) “I need a hunter like you with the Redjacks!”

(Hunter) “Hunters like you blaze a path for the rest of us”

(Warlock) “I know why Ikora likes you, Guardian.”

We Ran out of Medals

“Guardian to the left of you. Guardian to the right of you. Guardian in FRONT of you. VOLLEYED AND THUNDERED!”

“The recruits have no excuses. Look at you! At what one Guardian can do, with nothing but their Ghost, their weapon and their Light.”


I Made This For You

“I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT- o-oh, I don’t have a medal for this! Hang on! I’m so proud of you, Guardian, and I want y… you to… h-have this.”

“This is, uhhhhhhhhhhhh… I don’t have a medal for this! …hang on! I’m so proud of you, Guardian, and I want y… you to… h-have this.”

Combined Fire

“And that’s why we have fireteams.”

“Strength in numbers, Guardian! Excellent!”

“A fireteam that fights together, stays together.”

Not So Fast My Friend




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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Gamemode-specific

Nothing Quotes
Random Quotes



“You’re on offense! Set the charges, or defeat all hostiles.”

“The charges are everything. Set them and protect them!”

“If those charges explode, all is lost. Defend them!”

“Defend those charges! The hour is yours!”

“Charge set. Now, to battle!”

“Enemy charge set! Defuse it now!”

“Enemy has set a charge! Make them regret that!”

“They set a charge! Get out there and defuse it!”

“The enemy team is gone, but the charge remains. Defuse it!”

“The enemy defused your charge.”

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Lord Shaxx Quotes: Control

Mistake Quotes
Random Quotes



“Commit to your battles wisely. Every death counts.”

“It’s dead even. Which of you will survive?”

“Five lives left!”

“Three lives left!”

“Your team’s out of lives!”

“You’re knocked out.”

“No lives left for the enemy. Destroy them.”

“One minute left. The enemy is out of second chances!”

“One opponent standing.”

“All opponents defeated!”

“Neither side has any lives left. I’m on the edge of my seat!”

“You annihilated them!”

“Opponent has match point. Meaningless. Fight on!”

“You have them where you want them! Finish this!” (Survival)

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“The Darkness has no single form or appearance. Only its function remains the same: terminating us. The Crucible match types are my best shot at preparing Guardians for what’s out there. It’s been enough. So far.” —Lord Shaxx

“The City’s Factions all have their own agendas, independent of the Vanguard. Political scum. But even I have to admit, they have resources that could prove useful to fledgling competitors of the Crucible.” —Lord Shaxx

“A competent Fireteam moves as one in Crimson Doubles.” —Lord Shaxx

“I don’t care if a Guardian’s effectiveness comes from speed, strength, or Light. The struggle is the same for all of us in the Crucible.” —Lord Shaxx

“You showed them.” —Lord Shaxx

“Control the burst to control the weapon.” —Lord Shaxx

“Exposing your team to different scenarios is key to building flexibility and improvisation in combat.” —Lord Shaxx

“A scrap of ragged steel will cut down weeds. A sword such as this demands worthier challenges.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Dreadnaught is vast, and its very nature is Darkness. If you’re going there to hunt, beware—you will also be hunted.” —Lord Shaxx

“I don’t know who was the first Guardian to detonate their Light, but I would love to shake their hand.” —Lord Shaxx

“I’ve yet to meet a Hive I couldn’t crush with a well-aimed strike. I don’t imagine the Taken are any different.” —Lord Shaxx

“Keep a steady hand and it’ll do the rest.” —Lord Shaxx

“Samples from the Dreadnaught environment will shed more insight on the Hive and Taken. They’ve already taken the Moon, slaughtered countless innocents. We need ways to defend against them, ways to destroy them.” —Lord Shaxx

The team that succeeds together tends to continue doing just so.” —Lord Shaxx

“Even a Striker’s charge lacks this kind of stopping power.” —Lord Shaxx

“Everyone dies, Guardian. What matters is what you do after that.” —Lord Shaxx

“With a good scope, you could perform surgery.” —Lord Shaxx

“Difficult to hold on to more than two control points at once, even for me. But do what you want. Just don’t ask me to pick the bullets out of your armor when you get routed.” —Lord Shaxx

“Every Guardian has a Crest. That crest speaks to their skill. It speaks to the proud lineage of their class. It represents their glory. So take it, and protect your own.” —Lord Shaxx

“This is why we have Crucible arenas across the system. Eyes always up.” —Lord Shaxx

“Never surrender, Guardian. Ever. There is always a way to glory.” —Lord Shaxx

“Your Void Edge is strong, but we can make it stronger. I’ll need relic crystals, found within relic iron on Mars. And meanwhile, you must practice your Void powers.” —Lord Shaxx

“Timing is everything.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Sunstrike from a seasoned Sunbreaker turns Martian sand into red glass. Aimed at a Vex chassis or Cabal armor, the result is devastating.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Arc Blade movement represents a Bladedancer’s top speed, which she can only maintain for so long. As with many Light-based techniques, timing is everything.” —Lord Shaxx

“Cayde and Ikora have it all wrong. It’s not that Strikers have a death wish. They throw their bodies at incoming fire so others won’t have to. It’s also the most direct line to a target.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Bladedancer’s interpretation of Arc Light is a reflection of the Hunter herself. Seeking targets to sink Light—or a knife—into.” —Lord Shaxx

“They say a Fireteam of Defenders can hold any fortification, and that a group of Strikers can bring it crashing to the ground. Who said that? I did. It’s true.” —Lord Shaxx

“Progress is good! Igniting the Rift is better.” —Lord Shaxx

“It can be easier out there than it is here with the Crucible veterans. And me.” —Lord Shaxx

“Show me you can excel in pure combat. No points to capture. No Rifts to ignite. No tactics here but the ones that will get you out alive.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Future War Cult claims they’ve been around since the end of the Golden Age. They say they’ve been ready for the war against the Darkness since before the Tower. Right. And I suppose the Collapse happened because they allowed it.” —Lord Shaxx

There’s something so personal about small-scale battles. It’s in Skirmish that rivalries become battles of Thorns and Last Words.” —Lord Shaxx

“The best defense is absolute offense.” —Lord Shaxx

“What you’ll get out of the Crucible will come from what you put into it.” —Lord Shaxx

“They can’t take the zone if they can’t get near it. Keep it that way.” —Lord Shaxx

“There’s nothing more relieving than seeing an opposing Spark burn out.” —Lord Shaxx

“I encourage you Guardians to work together, to fight as one. It’s how you come home intact. But there’s no one to trust in a Rumble match. And I’ll admit it—it’s the Rumbles where I truly come alive.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Salvage match simulates Golden Age relic acquisition. Succeed here and Hunters will be begging for you to watch their backs during a plunder.” —Lord Shaxx

“Such weapons are short on spectacle, but they’re reliable.” —Lord Shaxx

“There’s a direct correlation between success in the Crucible and victories against the Darkness.” —Lord Shaxx

“Dead Orbit’s up to something. I don’t know what they’re planning, but their agents are fond of pulling Guardians aside, whispering to any who will listen. They want nothing to do with the Traveler, and if it were up to them, nothing to do with the Tower.” —Lord Shaxx

“Denying resources to your enemy is a victory unto itself.” —Lord Shaxx

“There’s no secret to success in the Crucible. Build a Fireteam you can trust.” —Lord Shaxx

“There’s no honor in how the Bladedancer’s Arc Light seeks out targets. And they revel in it.” —Lord Shaxx

“I like to reward those who encourage their team by example.” —Lord Shaxx

“Your opponents can’t hit what they can’t see.” —Lord Shaxx

“Sometimes, an individual can eclipse the Fireteam. It’s good. Makes the others see how it’s done.” —Lord Shaxx

“I never thought I would see a Hammer of Sol hurtling through the Crucible again. I’m glad it’s in hands as capable as yours, Titan. Don’t disappoint me.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Crucible rewards persistence.” —Lord Shaxx

“A Fireteam that supports itself can fight indefinitely, to our enemies’ chagrin.” —Lord Shaxx

“Precision shooting is an art, and no matter what the Hunters say, no one has a monopoly on the technique.” —Lord Shaxx

“There is no one—nothing, rather—who can stop Guardians who support their allies.” —Lord Shaxx

“Those who distinguish themselves in large-team combat are the ones who become leaders in the field. A valuable trait, indeed, and one the Crucible readily rewards.” —Lord Shaxx

“Control matches keep Guardians familiar with capturing and holding territory. We’ll be ready when the time comes to take back what we lost to the Darkness.” —Lord Shaxx

“Smoke is just another way for a Nightstalker to say he’d prefer you didn’t stand so close to him.” —Lord Shaxx

“A Titan uses Void to shield, a Hunter uses it to hide and a Warlock uses it to take. All valid techniques.” —Lord Shaxx

“A Nightstalker’s Shadowshot capitalizes on opponents standing too close together. The seasoned Nightstalker can scatter her enemies on threat of Shadowshot alone, opening them up to all manner of unrelated hazards.” —Lord Shaxx

“If your enemy is out of formation, they give you license to crush them.” —Lord Shaxx

“In the fires of the Crucible, a Guardian watching your back can be the difference between glorious victory and agonizing defeat.” —Lord Shaxx

“A holstered weapon is useless.” —Lord Shaxx

“Most Guardians consider Rift a game. The Warlocks see it as a kind of exercise in concentration. But Zavala and I have very high hopes for what will be born from Rift matches.” —Lord Shaxx

“Sometimes I like to push Guardians out of their comfort zones, force them into unfamiliar matches for greater rewards. They hate and love me for it.” —Lord Shaxx

“There is a precision in speed. The slightest shift can result in victory…or end in disaster.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Crimson Doubles is a celebration of the feats a Fireteam of two can accomplish. Go. Show me.” —Lord Shaxx

“You want another story about the Twlight Gap? Ana Bray, the Hunter. We all dug deep that day. We all touched the Light in ways we never thought we could. Or should. Ana, though. When she fired the Gun, where her Golden blasts hit home, she left behind the pools of light. Like splashes of sunlight that burned and burned.” —Lord Shaxx

“Every year the Tower celebrates the Crimson Days. The Crucible does, too. We’re a little louder about it.” —Lord Shaxx

“Certain ammo types are more readily available than others. Crimson Doubles won’t afford you many chances to go looking. You would do well to leverage what you have.”—Lord Shaxx

“The key to victory is momentum.” —Lord Shaxx

“What started as a Warlock training drill has become an exercise in area assault. One day we’ll weaponize these Rifts and Sparks. Count on it.” —Lord Shaxx

“Using a Sparrow in the Crucible… It’s a bold move. I like bold moves.” —Lord Shaxx

“What do a Warlock, a Hunter, and a Titan all have in common? They can be beaten, and their glory can be taken. Don’t let it happen to you.” —Lord Shaxx

“Teamwork is critical in a Clash match. A kill with your teammate ensures your target isn’t getting up, and gives at least one of you the chance to remain standing. I instituted the policy to reward such tactics, and I intend for you to use them against the Darkness.” —Lord Shaxx

“Instinct tells you to cherish victory, but defeat holds all the lessons.” —Lord Shaxx

“Look after your Crimson Bond. No one else will back you up in Crimson Doubles.” —Lord Shaxx

“When Guardians patrol, finding enemy foot soldiers out of position is helpful. Catching their leaders in the same way…that’s a beautiful thing.” —Lord Shaxx

“Armies of the Darkness have crumbled while trying to take positions fortified by Defenders. Exhaustion and broken morale can be deadlier than any weapon.” —Lord Shaxx

“Fusion Rifles require skill, but the results are well worth the effort.” —Lord Shaxx

“Find your spot, line up your shot, wait for the right moment… perfection.” —Lord Shaxx

“A Scout Rifle is a precise weapon. It’s not about who pulls the trigger first. It’s who puts their shot in the right place.” —Lord Shaxx

“Stop and think before you run for the heavy ammo. Is it worth the risk?” —Lord Shaxx

“Take the zones and hold them. And please—for my sanity—don’t overextend. Two zones is plenty.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Crucible isn’t just training and spectacle. We use live rounds. Winning a match is winning a battle in the truest sense.” —Lord Shaxx

“It’s competition. It’s the Crucible way.” —Lord Shaxx

“I’ll say it because Cayde never will. Gunslingers are elitists. Nothing but the best is good enough for their hands. And firepower isn’t enough. They demand elegance, as if there’s anything elegant about a gun. If they had their way, Golden Guns would be standard issue. What a universe that would be.” —Lord Shaxx

“The Crucible offers a bevy of match types, all of which prominently feature live ammunition.” —Lord Shaxx

“Glory comes easy when you have allies you can trust.” —Lord Shaxx

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