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Lev Tolstoy Quotes

Do you want to be happy? Be!

The woman captures the man without a sword and ties without a rope.

It is love that gives marriage holiness.

The beautiful is not the beloved, the dear one is the beautiful.

I will get my revenge full of hate.

Jealousy is an emotion that degrades and humiliates people.

The two strongest warriors are patience and time.

Where there is no simplicity, goodness and righteousness, there is no greatness .

Everything comes naturally to the person who knows how to wait.

The real strength of man is not in his leap but in his unwavering stance.

It is given to man to get rid of his mental troubles.

There are some roosters that, they sing, they think that the sun rises.

The life you complain about is perhaps someone else’s dream.

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Happy families are similar, unhappy families are each different.

The wicked get more scolding the more they endure them.

We want both the wolves to be fed and the sheep to survive.

Do not break the code of ethics because it gets its revenge quickly.

It is necessary to measure a person not by his position, but by his position.

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A beautiful smile is like sunlight entering a dark house.

Just as there are thoughts as many as heads, there are as many kinds of love as the number of hearts.

Power is given only to those who dare to bow down and take it.

Woman is such an issue that no matter how much you study her, she is always brand new.

The absence of people, whose existence does not gain anything, does not lose anything.

When you start losing the people you love, you start to ignore life .

People should know you all they want, but can you cheat yourself?

Everyone thinks about changing humanity, but nobody thinks about changing themselves first.

True love always builds on the basis of renunciation of personal utility.

It is necessary to put a person to sleep in order to operate physically and to awaken to operate spiritually.

A favor in return for benefit is not good. Goodness is outside the chain of cause and effect.

People have always been wrong and will be wrong, and in what they think is right more than anything else.

The fate of a woman is drawn between the betrayal of the man she loves and the loyalty of the man she does not love.

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All happy families look alike, and every unhappy family has its own unhappiness.

The most fairly distributed blessing to people is mind. Because nobody complains about his mind.

Look for happiness in your own heart, not in ambitions. The source of happiness is within us, not outside.

The biggest regret we will never forget in life is what we did not do because we would regret it.

There are times when it becomes less important where you go because the important thing is who you go with.

The coin pierces the pocket of the person and the heart of the broken person. So spend both of them.

You live in a lie, I claim in truth is the cruelest word a person can say to another.

Know that you are remembered not by what you have experienced, but by what you have experienced. And remember, whatever you have lived through, you will surely live it one day.

The activity that aims to give the best and which is prepared with labor concentrated with the thought maturing in the process of adversity is called art.

We must always abide by the voice from our hearts that we find true, because that voice never lies.

You should know I’m not big enough to belittle anyone. Every day you pay a price you care about for everything you despise.

People learn the lesson of how to speak, but the greatest science is knowing how and when to keep silent.

Life literally tests us in four operations It multiplies the facts, divides it with separations, dehumanizes us and finally says gather itself.

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Everyone always wants to be happy without experiencing unhappiness. But just imagine if there was no night, would a person enjoy the sun?

Life neither brings what goes nor turns the time you lose. Either you will live what you have to live in time, or you will not cry because I did not live.

People have to pay attention that has changed a lot. After shaking hands with one, you have to count your fingers to see if all five are in place.

The value of a person is like a fairly fraction, the numerator shows the real value of the denominator what he thinks he is. As the value of the denominator increases, the value of the fraction decreases.

What we call logical marriage is a marriage made after both sides have had their youth madness and poured their wolves thoroughly.

People are like rivers. Water is water all around. Its properties vary according to the place and time of flow. Sometimes it expands and sometimes becomes narrow. Sometimes it is bright and sometimes blurry. Sometimes it is warm and sometimes cold. Every human being carries all the people on the specific nature of seeds.

People should change their view of love. Men and women should avoid putting sexual love into poetry as it is now. It must be admitted that this is simply an animal degrading work.

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