25 Inspirational Quotes from 25 Successful CEOs

It is possible to draw inspiration from many different sources in many different ways. Inspiration can sometimes be vital to us. Our vision and ideas are what make us stand out in the competition. 

But if we are not careful, in the blink of an eye, inspiration, like the setting sun, can leave us alone with the black emptiness of the night.

There are many different ways to get inspired. It can inspire you to walk, chat with your friend, a book, or even just glance at the words of the wise and other people’s advice.

This is where we come in. If you are trying to find your own magic; Come take a look at the lifetime sentences we have compiled from famous CEOs of 500 companies with their multi-million dollar fortunes.

In this post, we’ll share with you the most inspiring, impressive and encouraging phrases from famous CEOs and business executives to get you down on the field and grow your full potential by developing yourself. Every millionaire or even billionaire we quote in this post started somewhere, and who knows, maybe you can take action with some motivation and inspiration. Here we go:

Most memorable CEO phrases

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo

“I’ve always done things that I wasn’t ready to do. I think this is how man develops. If you push yourself when you say, ‘Wow, I’m not sure I can do this,’ you’ll make a progress. Sometimes this is a sign that something really great is on its way. In this way, man improves himself and learns many things about who he is. “

Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup

“Balance gives great results.” There is no such thing. This is a false expectation…. You will have priorities and layers in your life, and how you integrate them is the way to find true happiness. “

Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable

“Actually, we are competing with ourselves, we have no control over the success of others.”

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

“Almost every day I ask myself the question, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I can do?’… If I don’t feel like I’m working on the most important problem I can help with, what I’m spending my time on doesn’t satisfy me. That is what this company is all about. “

Sam Walton, CEO of Walmart

“High expectations are definitely the key to everything.”

Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armor

“Think of an entrepreneur who is scared to death, makes excuses and keeps saying ‘now is not the right time’. There is no such thing as the right time. I started garment manufacturing when technology exploded. Think about it. Get out of your lair and get a chance to go and start your own business. ”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

“Life is fragile. There is no guarantee of tomorrow, so use whatever you have. ”

Donald Trump, CEO of Trump Organization

“Without passion, you have no energy and if you don’t have energy, you have nothing.”

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

“Rule 1: Never lose money; Rule 2: “Remember Rule 1.”

David Sarnoff, RCA CEO

“No person can be successful without loving his job.”

Ellen Kullman, CEO of Dupont

“You don’t need a separate time to work; both your private and professional life should be 24/7. The point is to take the right time for each of them to see how different each day will be. ”

Michael Dell, CEO of DELL

“To be successful, you don’t need to be a genius or a dreamer, or even a university graduate. All you need is a sketch and a dream. “

LA Reid, co-founder of LaFace Epic Records & CEO of Epic Records

“Find your passion and your job is no longer work.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

“In business, what is dangerous cannot grow.”

Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon

“I have been very lucky from the beginning. As long as you are really good, that is, do not mistreat people, people let you be yourself because being as you are is honesty. This is what people want to see. “

Robert Iger, CEO of Walt Disney

“The heart and soul of a company is creativity and innovation.”

Frederick W Smith, CEO of Fedex

“Leaders stand out by raising the standards with which they judge themselves and want to be judged, and that’s how they manage to stay there.”

Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp

“You have to be very agile and very open minded. Your success depends on how you adapt. “

Larry Page, CEO of Google

“If you are changing the world, you are working on important things. You are eager to wake up in the morning. ”

Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric

“Surviving a failure gives you more confidence. It is a great learning tool that should be minimized failure. ”

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

“Great companies and their way of working start with great managers first. “

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle

“When you discover something new, you have to be prepared for everyone to say you’re crazy.”

Samuel R Allen, CEO of Deere

“While the pessimists are finally right, the optimists have a much better time to the end.”

Klaus Kleinfeld, CEO of Alcoa

“Only successful businesses can provide safe employment.”

Steve Case, CEO of America Online

“The important thing is not how you start, but how you get noticed.”

That’s it, some say that these sentences are not just inspiring words, but advice for a lifetime. It doesn’t hurt to try out how much you can read and apply. We hope these sentences are exactly what you need to get up in the morning with energy and take care of anything that may come your way. We wish you good luck with all your goals and ideals, see you.

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