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The Best Franz Kafka Quotes

A cage went out looking for a bird.

You are homework. But there are no students in sight.

I have no shortage other than myself.

Stand by the world in my battle with the world.

But under all the smoke there is fire.

A book must be like an ax going down to the frozen sea inside us.

Even though I am eternity, I am very narrow in myself.

Nothing is serious in this world of death.

The worst thing is that you don’t belong to things you don’t have.

There is a target, but no road. What we call a road is a pause.

Seeing you for the first time in months, my eyes will be of use.

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Franz Kafka Quotes

There is almost limitless hope for hope, but not for us .

Bet the world in a fight between you and the world.

I should be alone as much as possible. Whatever I have achieved is only the return of my loneliness.

Once you see the evil opening its doors, it doesn’t expect to be believed anymore.

If you have a goal but you can’t see the way to reach it, the name of that road is hesitation.

Test yourself by looking at humanity. This leads to believers, who doubt, to believers.

In autumn, you sweep clean like a road, then the road is once again covered with dried leaves.

It is impossible to give up after a point. That is the point to be reached.

Truth is indivisible so it cannot recognize itself and whoever wants to know it must be a lie.

I thought of his face looking at me at the station, it was a natural phenomenon that I cannot forget.

Our art is to dazzle us with reality. The backfire is the light that hits the freak masks and nothing more.

What a joy it is to realize that the place you step on cannot be bigger than your two feet.

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Franz Kafka Quotes

Every day I jump over his letters thrown from my doorstep. I do not open, I do not read. So that I miss you more.

Everything is a deception, looking at least to be mistaken, staying within normal limits, going after the most extreme.

The reason we call the Judgment Day so is only because of our concept of time, in fact, it is a kind of martial law court.

The most seductive weapon in the hands of the evil is the call to war. It is like a war with women that ends in bed.

Tonight, while I wish you happy sleep, I give you everything in a breath. My happiness melts in you .

Why bother reading if a book we read doesn’t shock us like a blow to our head?

Good people walk in steps. Others, unaware of the existence of the good, dance around them and play the game of time.

Maybe you have something, but his answer to the no-existence argument was just a shiver and a heartbeat.

There was someone who was amazed at how he could so easily advance along the path of infinity, in fact he was rolling downhill fast.

To be infinitely small or infinitely small. The first is perfection, ie inertia, the second is the beginning, that is, action.

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Franz Kafka Quotes

Sometimes I believe that we will not be able to live together, we will bow down and lie down comfortably to die side by side. But whatever will happen will be next to you.

I’m tired, I don’t know anything, all I want is to put my face on your lap, feel your hand moving over my head and stay that way forever.

At the beginning of the legislature, the two tasks are to narrow down the boundaries at any time and to question at any time whether you have managed to hide or not when you exceed these limits.

It is easier to control a community than to control the individual. A community has a common purpose. The purpose of the individual is always questionable.

Before, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get answers to my questions, but now I can’t understand how I can believe that I can ask questions. But I really didn’t believe it, I’m just asking.

The right way goes along a tight rope, not high, but stretched right over the ground. It seems like it is not to be walked on, but to trick people.

An apple may have different views from each other, the view of the child who stretches his neck to see the apple on the table for a moment, and the view of the master of the house who takes the apple and gives it to his friend comfortably.

When the waves lift a drop of water and throw it ashore, it never prevents the eternal ripple in the sea, even the ripple in the sea owes its existence to the drop thrown on the shore.

For some reason, I can’t write anything to you anymore, except for topics that only concern us in the middle of the crowded world. Everything foreign remains foreign. It is not fair! Injustice! But my tongue doesn’t turn and my face is against his bosom.

How am I not going crazy yet with this devotion to life, sadness and longing? I am so lonely, it is like the loneliness of the mute. My loneliness is nice for him.

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Franz Kafka Quotes

If you stand in front of me and look at me, what can you know about the pain in me? And if I fall at your feet and cry and tell you that hell is hot and scary, will you know more about me than they know about hell? That’s why we humans need to stand in front of each other with so much respect, so thoughtful as if we were at the door of hell.

Man has two main sins, others out of them impatience and laziness. They were expelled from Paradise because they were impatient, and they cannot return from their laziness. But maybe they have only one major sin, impatience. They were expelled out of their impatience and they cannot come back because of their impatience.

The first sign that wisdom has begun is the desire to die. If this life is unbearable and another is unreachable. A man is not ashamed to want to die and beg and beg to be put in his new cell, where his first job will be to learn to hate his old cell. The relic of a certain belief is also effective in this. During the move, the master will look at the prisoner who will appear in the corridor and say that this man does not need to be locked in a cell again. It comes to me now.

You don’t have to leave your room, just sit at your desk and listen. Don’t even listen just wait. Don’t even wait, be really calm and alone. The world will present itself to you freely. He has no other choice but to get off his mask, he will roll at his feet in awe.

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