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The Best Dostoevsky Quotes

The sweetest of pleasures is hidden in pain.

Love and grudge cannot stay in the heart for a long time.

Trust time, everything is forgotten.

Human rebellion is as much as the power in your hands!

A good person is the person you love your smile.

It is clear that we love love by inflicting pain.

The woman deceives even the all-seeing eye.

What is lost does not come back. So is the word of mouth.

The child is the greatest happiness in the world.

The moment you expect sincerity from the wrong person, you’re offended.

If there was no God, everything would be okay.

He does not get caught up in the evil he encounters, whose intention is good.

Only by suffering can we find ourselves.

Every person is responsible for everything before everyone.

I understand everything and this will kill me.

The best recipe for a person is to be bipedal and ungrateful .

Once love happens, it can be unfortunate.

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The hardest thing in this world is to stay true to yourself.

Love is always reciprocated, and so is hatred.

What will I have left to dream if I am always happy in life?

The more people’s mind increases, the more boredom increases.

If everything is on you, maybe you’re going wrong.

If I had started life again, I would have kept the pulse of the seconds.

The man curses the woman he cannot reach. The woman calls the man she cannot reach, love.

If even a single child on earth suffers, there is no God!

It can carry the name of the father who not only gives life but also gives life and deserves.

To love someone; seeing it as what the Creator meant.

Being able to act humanely is often more effective than even the most effective medicine.

Some people’s hostility is more beneficial than their friendship.

You will never encounter the right person. Either time is wrong or human.

Pain that glorifies the soul of man is worth more than cheap happiness.

I think really great people have to suffer in the world.

Forget yourself for others then they will remember you too.

The best time for people to get to know each other is the closest they break up .

Is it an easy-to-find love or a pain that glorifies people more important?

Mankind is a very deep creature. If I was a god I wouldn’t have created this deep.

Isn’t it a moment of happiness that makes life so beautiful and livable?

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Sorrow and suffering are always necessary for great consciousnesses and deep hearts.

Pain and sadness are always necessary for a deep consciousness and a deep heart.

They say that the person who is full does not understand his state; but sometimes the hungry does not understand the hunger.

Don’t take a new step Don’t say a new word is what people fear most.

Smile is the unfailing mirror of the soul. Only children know how to laugh with a perfect smile.

If the marriage divorce was only in the hands of women, a single marriage would not remain intact.

Don’t be afraid to cry when necessary. Because tears are to say they can’t say

Don’t be afraid of life, children. Life is so beautiful when you do a good thing right.

Our highest, strongest and most useful support in our life is our memories from the parents’ house.

Know that there is no such thing as a happy ending. Because if something has an end, there is no happiness!

Even though I was not guilty at all, I found myself guilty by dreaming some dreams.

The biggest mistake people make is fear of being ridiculous in front of others.

Pain and suffering are always inevitable for people with great intelligence and a sensitive heart.

A woman with a heart but no mind is as unhappy as a woman with no mind but no heart.

A proud person is only a person who knows himself and who questions and disdains himself meticulously.

There are two ways to be happy You will either reduce your desires or strain your possibilities.

A woman’s life; it is nothing more than a search for submission and attachment to any man.

If a person loses hope and is left without purpose, even boredom can turn him into an animal.

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There is no happiness easily. Happiness is achieved through pain. Mankind has not come to life to be happy.

There are always three powers that will always defeat those who rebel on earth, these are miraculous secrets and authority.

If the other person is a woman, you should think twice about your move. Because he is always one step ahead.

The second half of a person’s life consists of maintaining the habits gained in the first half.

I don’t think that you can pass a tree without loving it without being happy about its existence.

The lie has penetrated so much that there is a sentence pattern to tell the truth in people’s language.

When we are unhappy, we feel the unhappiness of others more strongly; emotions do not crumble, they intensify White Nights

Man has no right to turn away from himself and ignore what is happening in the world.

Loving is not falling in love with a beautiful person, but finding yourself in that person at an unexpected moment of an unknown time.

The woman wants one man to meet her every need. The man, on the other hand, is every woman who can meet his needs.

In fact, it is not disappointment that hurts the most. It is the happiness that cannot be experienced while it is possible.

Man likes to work to achieve the goal, but does not want to reach it; this is undoubtedly ridiculous.

I hurt you but I know If you love, resentment will not last long in the mind and you love me.

The truth behind that decision when you decide to leave someone; actually you are already abandoned.

Nothing is more degrading for a mother than standing at her son’s door and begging for love as if asking him for alms.

Know that human value does not indicate existence but absence. The absence of forgetting is unnecessary the presence of the one who does not change anything.

If you do right what everybody does wrong; The right everyone does is what you do wrong. Everyone’s path is separate …

Isn’t that strange? We look for a truth in every lie of the person we love, in every truth of the person we do not love.

Life is an exam, but not quite like other exams. Because sometimes a mistake you make can take all your truths away.

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If they ask whether the world should collapse or a cup of tea. I’d say hell to the world after drinking my tea.

They say to some: This stupid is not a man from this. And I say: What should they do? Well, the wrong life is not lived right.

I think there is no such thing as the devil actually, or if man made it up; He made himself up by looking at himself.

Man strives to get something. When he gets it, he throws it aside. It realizes its true value when it loses it.

They say not being surprised at anything is a sign of being very smart; I think it is also a sign of folly of the same extent and power.

Once the heart is broken, it doesn’t care about anyone and doesn’t care about anything. Maybe it’s the end of happiness but the beginning of peace.

A person gives two meanings to life, when one is crying and the other is laughing, and only once he loses what he has.

It is the friend who gives you a hand to get up, not the one with you when you fall. Remember, those who do not contribute in bad days have no share in good days.

A beautiful woman looks good on the eye, a good woman on the heart. The first is like a diamond, but the second is as realistic as happiness.

Who knows, maybe it’s better for people to insult you. Thus, at least they save themselves the trouble of loving themselves.

It is the friend who gives you a hand to get up, not the one with you when you fall. Remember, those who do not contribute in bad days have no share in good days.

Love is the only force that lifts the woman up, protecting her from rolling to the bottom of the abyss and allowing her to be reborn into life.

Sometimes you shut up. They think you are defeated, incomplete and naughty. Remember, you know that most people cannot take their words when they speak.

Everyone tries to pretend to be tougher than they really are, as if everyone is afraid that their feelings will be ridiculed if they openly express them.

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Man always counts the disasters that happen to him, not the joys. If he had counted, he would have understood that the world had given him enough happiness.

A woman looking unhappy through the window. A man crosses the sidewalk, desperate… Love stands in the middle. The man is looking. The woman is crying. Love is passing by.

Do not marry before you stop loving the woman you choose without doing everything you can in life and start seeing her with her true character.

Life awaits again beyond all misery. But it is a human inability to be unable to live. Otherwise, which fish drowned itself, which sparrow jumped from the roof.

If one day there is a place to write about you, I’ll tell you about our first encounter in that place; This is an empty story that makes no sense. But I made a complete pyramid out of it.

Believe that a person who does not understand his people and breaks his ties with him loses faith in his homeland to the extent that he does so either becomes irreligious or a callous wood.

If you expect others to respect yourself, that’s a big thing for them. If you can only respect yourself, others will have to respect you.

Try to disdain anything to achieve its goal, even if you can’t quite achieve it; Maybe you will succeed. The one that we all trust is a hope that cannot be underestimated.

A person who aims to be successful must take the harms and destructions that will happen to him. This can only be found in people with a solid personality.

Let’s say I have a deep pain, it is impossible for the person in front of me to learn the exact measure of my pain. Because it never goes to me, it just stays as someone else.

Those who invented were seen as idiots by society in the early years of their work on the field of geniuses, and often in the last years.

A good-hearted fool is as unhappy as a bad-hearted wise fool. It is a known fact… Here I am one of the kind hearted fool. You too are a smart bad-hearted fool. We are both unhappy, we both suffer.

I’m a sick man. I am a modest man full of resentment. I think I am sick with my liver. If you want the truth, I do not understand my illness, nor do I know exactly where it hurts.

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Paradoxical thoughts occur in gifted people. They suffer from these thoughts throughout their lives. And they paid a high price to make it so painful, even impossible, to live with their thoughts.

Some people reveal themselves completely with their laughter, and you get to understand his whole inner face in an instant. In fact, there is no doubt that a smart smile can sometimes be disgusting, first of all it is necessary to be sincere in order to see it well.

I dream of accomplishing great things in the way of serving humanity, often indeed I even go to be crucified for the sake of people’s happiness, but on the other hand, I cannot stand being alone for two days in the same room with a person, I know this from experience. When he is close to me, his personality crushes my dignity and limits my freedom. However, the more I hate people from, the more my love for humanity increases.

Even if people are not stupid, let me tell you that they are terribly ungrateful. Yes, and an incomparable ungrateful. In my opinion, we can describe a human being as an ungrateful creature with two legs. If we are satisfied with this, we will have forgotten the most important flaw. Man’s greatest flaw is his inferiority.

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