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Oh separation, we just couldn’t leave with you.

You know what’s in your voice? There are words you cannot say.

You wish I could be right now, I am dishonorable!

What a persuasive form of suicide; eye to eye with you now.

One does not die in the ocean, but a spoonful of love will drown.

Did the treachers pour lead to the innocent children so that they would not touch the evil eye?

Cut a ticket to your heart, let it be the life edge, not the window.

Love is a child who cries for a mother even though she was beaten by her mother .

The fountain of moment is forever, I wish I loved you just for this.

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Some people say, ‘Dus cannot have a friend’. Which was as if standing very friendly.

Who says it’s hard to die for love? It’s hard to find love to die for.

There is a second glow in your gaze. If only for that alone I loved you.

We are broken and broken even more. Nobody can touch our innocence.

Look at your shadow, if you want to understand me That close, but who could never touch you.

Wherever I saw a pair of eyes, I grabbed it and completed it for you.

Sometimes I say what will happen, let it go. Then I say what will happen when you say it, shut up.

I loved you so much that you are so much! Chirp like birds, the pain you taste.

I walk with my hands in my pockets. And whenever I hear a poem, I testify, I die.

One by one, the steps of love that I took gladly; mend it up, jambs and jambs I’m going down now!

Are you cold? Don’t be upset! Come here. You burned my life so much you get hot You will not feel cold again.

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If you don’t love then take care of your eyes! Let them not touch my eyes.

I wrote without you on a piece of paper. Still, I like it very much. Because even the word without you starts with you.

The more you suffered, the more people matured. It’s a lie! First your heart breaks, then you start to rot.

Sometimes, the love person gets tired of life. And when you close, one does not want to open your eyes again.

First your loved one leaves you, then your sleep. Then neither your loved one comes back nor your sleep.

I am very tired dear; Don’t tire me any more. I’ve already paid too much for what I lost for.

In fact, it is not the separation, but the people saying love even though they do not like it, it is the most affecting people.

I start life from where you tripped. Let my knees remain in a wound, they do not hurt as much as my heart.

You said; you are like suicide. Both considered once and discouraged by everyone.

You said forget me, this seems impossible to me. Because in order to forget, I have to remember you first.

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I did not pretend to go, either I stayed or went. You pretended to stay, but you left and I’m done.

I have only one request from you, take the scent of him, bring him his hair, even if possible, bring him and bring me wind.

As much as I told you I love you, if I told my mother well my mother; my place in heaven was ready.

Don’t blame anyone, if anyone is to blame it’s you. After all, he gave you a little hope, and you gave him everything.

Stop struggling with yesterday and yesterday. Also, try looking into tomorrow with those who are always with you.

Don’t you look at me writing such sad things, I laugh a lot. And while laughing, no one can tell it’s a lie.

I answer the only thing that passes to the clever ones who say that everything passes with time to those who understand, tell them not.

We thought the way to be happy, to make the other person happy. We were wrong! Because the happier we made, the more alone we were.

You are like candies with apples that I bought when you were little, with a beautiful outside and always rotten. The only difference between you is that apple is for you, and you is for it.

When I told my mother that I was afraid of the cemetery when she was little, she said fear of the living, not the dead. In time I realized that my mother was right again

It takes time, you just forget! How you forgot your childhood, your broken toys. You will forget your broken heart like that.

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If life is mine, nobody can interfere and I know that not everyone can be friends. When it comes to love, I loved it once, I will never have a job again.

I’m tired of hearing the word don’t be sad. I don’t feel sorry for those who are not worth it. What I’m sorry for the Not Worthy. My heart is touched.

Here is it; Our tea is in the cup. Our childhood is on the streets. Our happiness is in our crop. Our loved ones are far away. Our smiles are in the photos.

My mother used to say that tears are precious like breadcrumbs. I’m waiting for you to see the passers-by striking.

I have never seen a person deserve my tears in life. Either my tears are unnecessary, or the people I tear for are worthless.

Now you get up and go. Go will your eyes stop, they are leaving too. Let them go. Whereas, you know, I can’t help you without your eyes.

You know, whichever city I am in is the capital of loneliness. And again, dear child, you know, one calls loneliness with his passions.

I wish I did like this, maybe he would like it. What did he do for you? It is not a matter of reason, the heart loves, the rest is an excuse.

I know the roads to you are closed! Besides, you have never loved me either. How close it is, and the gaps between us, people, houses like walls between us.

It’s called love for two, a lie! Even love is insane. Bidet life is said to be common. Buddha is a lie because the pain of love is always one.

They are asking about you. Is it dead, let me say or will he return? Isn’t both impossible? Because I know; you never come back and you know you never die for me!

I wish I did like this, maybe he would like it. What did he do for you? It is not a matter of reason, the heart loves, the rest is an excuse.

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