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Can Yücel Quotes

Even if farewells hurts, sometimes it is better to go.

Love must be too perfect to mention a chance.

When I left you I realized I had two pockets.

When I left you, I remembered that the world was so crowded.

If you don’t have love for someone, don’t look at them with hope!

The important thing in love is not to hold the same hands, but to never leave a life.

It is not a disgraceful crime, if stealing is the heart of someone stolen.

If you do not ignore your pride and say come back, you will be content with looking behind you every day.

Being able to make the crying person laugh was more valuable than crying with the crying.

A lover is not someone you searched for and found. It is the person you fall in love with when you are out of your mind.

If I die, what do I have to grieve most? That I will never swear again …

There is nothing to be afraid of, if love could be removed from all skins .

Actually I could love all people if I hadn’t started loving from you.

I’m alone. Because I must continue this path with the person who is worth waiting for, not with anyone.

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Can Yücel Quotes

I fell into desperate troubles, isn’t there a remedy for this? There is love to live to die!

If he wants to go, you will let him go! Want to get your mind in the next to the body without you?

Everyone had another way to be happy. I understood when I made my own way.

It can have side effects in people. While some are turning their heads. Some make you nauseous …

Love is not a word but a sentence. To establish it requires two hearts, not the subject and the verb.

When someone told you to go, I could say I want to stay, I understood when they said love and go.

Perhaps a person is alone not because he does not know how to love, but because he is not worthy of his love.

I have an unknown sadness, a strangeness inside me. I realized that either I am too much in this city or someone is missing.

Some say I love it because he memorized it. Some cannot say because he really liked it.

You know, there are some cities and nobody after 10 o’clock… Here’s after you and after that!

I am quite offended. I’m disappointed that the words you don’t understand are actually saying everything.

I realized that love is an anti-happy act that makes both sides a victim, demonstrating without permission in the heart.

This is the rule The most loved one is always abandoned first. Remember, even if goodbye hurts, sometimes you have to go.

Eyes and words both hide something. No matter how much words deny, eyes tell everything one by one .

Anyone can hurt a person, but only the loved one can hurt. I realized when it hurts so much.

It is necessary to go sometimes. Without much tiring, more without getting bored… If it’s time, not even looking back.

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Can Yücel Quotes

Feeling cold while burning, laughing while your heart is crying, not being able to see what you love and miss. This must be love!

The biggest lesson I have learned from life is that you will never lean against someone who cannot stand firmly before you with his love.

If talking a lot was helpful, God would give one ear to both mouths. Therefore, it is necessary to listen a lot and talk less.

The three days that you call life have come yesterday and passed and tomorrow is unknown. So it is a day that you call life and that is today.

My love for you was like the last crumbs left on the plates. You always left me and I always cried behind you.

Do not commit to anything without thinking of the consequences. You won’t say you can’t live without him. You won’t say. Because you live.

My anger is the master of the nights, if only one child cries! Look, this motherless law is ours, not the Law.

It is not that important to leave and leave if there were no gaps that could not be filled.

Insomnia would not break down, if the silk skin to touch was not that far away after short naps.

What you call a beloved should suit your heart, not your arm. And it is not just a whim to come and go. You must have your breath forever!

Once you loved, nobody could seperate from you anymore. And you will love someone so that he will not deceive you even with his eyes.

Love is throwing a tiny stone into a well you dig with your own hand. When the noise gets bigger, the trick of silence is to be silent like moss.

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Can Yücel Quotes

Do not commit to anything without thinking of the consequences. You won’t say you can’t live without him. You won’t say. Because you live.

You are loved as much as you like. It does not mean that I love you, that the trick is to take all the responsibilities of that word.

If necessary, you will wait a lifetime to be able to say I love you.

For example, you will love it without owning it too much. As if it will slip out of your palms at any moment and it will always remain yours.

I was so broken in my life. Between love and anger. Anger struck my love, anger struck, love lost my anger.

Do you know how hard it is to live lovingly. Not being able to hug him by calling him mine. How hard is it to always feel close and actually stay away from it.

You will not show it by saying I love it blankly, you will make you feel you love. Cant you do it? Then you will get out of the way.

I think I’m tired. I am tired of losing you every time I lose myself.

It does not stand on the bottle as it keeps people unbelievers.

Changing is hard, but sometimes it’s harder to be the same man… Life gets so loaded that you don’t want to stay or go. I am in that situation.

When my mother saw bread on the ground when she was little, she used to say that birds eat it high. We always kept our loved ones high, did the birds eat it?

One should realize why it cannot fit into the world while it fits into the mother’s womb, and eventually it will have to fit into a square meter of space.

We were different cities of the country. I am the place of exile, you are the capital. The first revolt always started with you. It was always up to me to punish.

Life is neither what you have nor what you expect. Life is as much as your heart! If you love color, black and white if you love…

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Can Yücel Quotes

You cannot force a person to love, you cannot call yourself trust Me. If he doesn’t feel this, you can say one word. You know.

The fast is not broken by looking at the pain and getting angry with the infatuation. Take it off your head and wonder if the bone is not broken twice from the same place.

Now someone else will take my place. And I know in time you’ll forget about me, but think for the last time can he love you like I do?

Do you know what’s the worst part about being with you? Talking about air and water for hours in vain every time we speak, while the word I love you bit the tip of my tongue.

Do you know what’s best about being with you? How will you know! You’ve never been with me, either your mind was somewhere else or your heart.

Do you know in how many different ways three letters can be put one after the other? You say love. You say. I say. You say we are over. The day come and go. Well, don’t you know the word stop? Don’t you know how to say stop? Are you brave enough to say go easy stop?

They ask Can Yücel. Why do you always write poems expressing your love for your father, but not poems expressing your love for your mother? Can Yücel replies, I am not a poet enough to express my love to my mother.

I changed a little as much as everyone else as much as you. I have changed, I am stuck between your unforgettable words. I am neither a winner nor a loser of a war, the outcome of which is obvious from wearing the sword!

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