Aziz Sancar Quotes

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Aziz Sancar Quotes

He has only one piece of advice: Work hard!

If I work, I will succeed wherever it is.

It should do something for the future.

If you want to compete with the world, focus on basic science .

Luck laughs at prepared minds!

Read! Must be read. Education comes first.

Difficult situations make you an inventor.

Being successful is not getting a Nobel, but serving your family, country and humanity.

Working is a duty of ourselves, our family, our nation, our homeland and honor.

His exit has to Ataturk’s Turkey is not a political choice, it is a conscientious choice.

Success means doing what you do in the best way and working hard for it.

It’s nice to get a Nobel, but the good thing about it is the road to Nobel and the discoveries made.

Go abroad for study or research, but definitely return to your country afterwards.

Success is achieved by working as much as intelligence. You need perseverance, persistence and work.

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Determine a topic to work on, read the literature, learn as much as necessary.

To be successful in science, it is necessary to study and read a lot. This is the secret to success.

I knew it was so important for Turkey runs two times and I received this award 20 years ago.

Do not be arrogant to be arrogant befitting Allah, not human beings. Try to be as humble as you can.

Put all your energy into your work. Try to learn science. Do not deal with daily gossip and politics.

We are not superior to everyone, but we are not inferior to anyone. Let’s take pride in ourselves so that someone else can respect us.

Whatever you do, try to do well, it won’t happen without studying. There is no choice but to work. This is the homeland debt.

It is my own hometown that teaches me very well. He gave me outstanding medical training and he has been the source of my success here.

Most people believe in intelligence, I do not believe, it is labor that separates us from each other, I believe in work.

I do not believe in intelligence. Most people believe in intelligence, I don’t. It is labor that separates us from each other. I believe in work.

Do not say that I will do research to get a Nobel, say that I will do something for humanity, Aziz Sancar Words for the society.

My biggest dream is for our children to read what I found out of the books in the future and say that a Turk made it, and I can do it.

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I am Turkish and I have this opinion. Nobody counts Turks as human beings, but we will ignore them.

Glad for my country, glad for Mardin. Good luck for my country. I hope they will get more praise from now on. and it has made a huge contribution to science in Turkey.

There is no such thing as believing in evolution, evolution is a fact and not a matter of belief. You can’t plaster the sun with slime. There is evolution, and whatever anyone says, this truth is obvious.

Turkey, science and technology must compete with anyone in the world. We should not wait 25-30 years for this to happen. It is imperative that we support children engaged in science in order to reach the level the USA and Europe have reached in science.

Learn as much as necessary, too much kills creativity. Take time to think as well as read. Go abroad for education and research, but then definitely return to your country.

“Are you a Kurd or an Arab?” His response to the BBC reporter asks: I am Turkish, that’s it! If I was born in Mardin, if I was born in Cizre, if I was born in Kars, I am Turkish.

I spent most of the salary given to me by the Ministry of Health to buy medicines for my patients and toys for their young children. I believe that I saved the lives of many children with a few simple medical procedures during this period.

If I follow the daily political strife in Turkey I can not work my sorrow. So my advice to young people is not to get into such fights. Science is needed to serve the country. Science is needed to be at European and US level .

Our goal is to increase the effect of the drug and to reduce the side effects by determining when the DNA repair is minimum and when the maximum, by applying drug therapy when the DNA repair potential is the least.

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We should make it a habit to process science in childhood. We see that the Islamic world has not been able to contribute to science in the last 500 years. We need to get over this and fix it. Our Jewish brothers, who make up 0.2 percent of the world’s population, received 20 percent of the science awards. They did not receive these awards because they were smarter than us. They took it for giving importance to science and scientific education from the beginning.

In my opinion, there are more important things than taking the Nobel: serving one’s family, humanity and country! Human measure is not to take Nobel. When we serve our family, humanity and our country, we have done our duty. Whether you are a shoe shiner, a teacher or a Nobel laureate, if you do your job well, your country’s success is measured by that. When we do this, success is also.

Most of the drugs used in cancer treatment destroy DNA and DNA repair mechanisms in the body allow those cancer cells to survive. We started a study to understand and enlighten this mechanism. Once we understand this mechanism, we will try to “inhibit” it and cause cancer cells to be killed before normal cells. It is very important to illuminate the DNA repair mechanism at the point of cancer treatment. Our aim is to explain this mechanism, unfortunately, we, as a country, like to criticize everything. Our schools were great at that time. I had outstanding teachers in primary school. I don’t know if they will give their primary education there in the best elementary schools in America. It was that good.

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