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Meaningful Aşık Veysel Quotes

Even if the ignorant person is a rose, don’t smell it.

The heart that could not fit into this wide world was confined to a room.

What was the purpose of my coming into the world? A faithful friend.

The heart that could not fit into this wide world is now confined to a room.

If I were a stone, I would be burned. I became soil and I endured.

I cannot explain my problem to a carefree person.

I am a human being, you are a mulberry branch. I do not forget my father, you master.

You don’t know. He doesn’t know. Nobody knows, knows. Even Ben. My heart only knows.

You like it, you buy it, it becomes your wife. You love it, you can’t buy it, you become a darling.

Actually, there is not much I can give you There is tea, if you drink, there is me, if you love, there is a road if you go.

Veysel does not leave the heart. Kahi knows not knowing kahi. A lie world is not without help. Whether you want to glaze the hair, heart.

You are the one who sees this realm. There is no curtain in your eyes. You are the one who gives the wrong way. Isn’t your fault here?

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Aşık Veysel Quotes

I am troubled by you. It was a dream that I was talking about. What I eat and drink every day. I am in the net.

You drove Adam, you didn’t look. You haven’t left in heaven either. Why didn’t you burn the devil? You have a hell.

Whatever you have, you have the same entity in every body. Tomorrow you enter the grave.

I worked, I couldn’t fill my glass. I could not tell anyone about my condition. I could not get my heart’s desire stuck. I wish they did not say to the doctor.

The fruit of this world. Yesem, but I can eat. If I find my dog. Yesem, but I can eat.

Deceit is a lie to the dry word of the ignorant and the servant of uncultured people If he rules all over the world, his desire, goal, path is a lie.

The gamut was pure pure. My words have always been empty words. Ruined in your way. I was the age of my youth.

I watched the world and said the world is narrow. The moon is like a step between earth. I measured the sea and land. It is unclear to exist within the islands.

Europe Asia is a separate continent. It was a one-year road to a camel. The planes fit in five or ten hours. It is not clear what is going on.

His love lives inside me Cute Istanbul of cozy beauties. The ruler in my imaginary head. See Istanbul to my blind eyes.

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Aşık Veysel Quotes

If it roars like the Black Sea. When the wave comes, they are fierce lovers. If ambition comes and the buttermilk swells. Loses will-helm lovers.

If the month passes and the year gets longer, wear it, black libas lean against the wall next to the wall, if the wound does not come from your chest, don’t touch your wounds

If you rely on my word, let’s get into the concept of unity, brother unity is very sweet, let’s drink similar grapes and stop their sherbet, brother.

I am a magun of a beautiful from time immemorial. I cannot give, I cannot give any suggestions. I burned to his fire with heart and soul. If I don’t see it, my days get longer like years.

In love who does not fall into trouble and hint. Neither eaten nor satiated. The idea of ​​condemnation Veysel is entangled. Separated from the realm of tomorrow.

The sea in which I flutter and turn. It fluctuates from the gushing wind. My love is coming and moaning. It boils deeply as I take it.

I go, my reed, you stay in the world. Do not reveal my secret secrets. Let your tongues not say or Lal. Do not sigh like the weird nightingale.

We told the heart crazy from the beginning. Üşenmez does not get wet from borane. It does not drown from the sea, inedible from the fire. Fire, embers, self will be.

The world was wide and now it has narrowed. It is not clear where you will go. I’ve been buying and selling for seventy-six years. I did not look at the book, profit is not clear.

I will have this secret if anyone. It is an artifact as soon as it leaves the world. One day he embraces Veysel. My faithful lover is black soil.

I roam like Mecnun in the deserts. The dream makes me wind like a wind. Oh, my cries are in foreign hands. My tears don’t stop, like a flood.

Crazy heart does not find tea. If it bursts, its wave will be itself. The land of love without trouble is not wandering around. The walk around fight is self-made.

He does not say good but praises him. You see that a wire breaks and cracks. If you ask, love makes a horse. The lovers who got tired and stayed on the road.

Don’t despise me, brother. You were gold, am I bronze? We existed from the same existence. You are silver, am I hair? I have whatever you have. The same being is in every body. When you enter the grave tomorrow, you are tox, am I hungry?

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Aşık Veysel Quotes

My heart is my advice to you. If you are not called, do not come. If he doesn’t love you, it’s nice. Don’t be tied up, my heart. You get tired, don’t go on foot. You rule the day, you cannot go into a sea called the moon Love, heart.

Your love took me from hand to hand. I went around a lot, I could not find his wife. He harassed me heartily. I couldn’t eat the salty meal. You traveled with me and called me. You sat together and slept together. You smelled all kinds of roses. You have loved bye the nightingale bird.

The red-eyed self-tongue. Come one day to us. I loved you because of your soul. Don’t pull yourself towards naza. I have neither propeller nor curtain. Don’t think of me. Tell you wires every time. Pay attention to the saz.

I wandered around for a half. I got tired and leaned on Çamlıbel. I was shaken, I was confused. I stopped and leaned on Çamlıbel. I fell in love with Gahi, I flew high. I became afraid, I worked for love. I am mixed with colorful flowers. I resurrected and leaned against Çamlıbel.

The world became famous and the situation changed. Some go to the moon, some to heaven. The world has become beautiful, reputation has fallen Mother and father were deprived of respect Don’t you mind people’s business? Evil comes after him. From sectarian fight to religious fight. As if they did not fit into heaven.

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