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The Most Popular Albert Camus Quotes

Nights are not eternal.

The need to be right is typical of ordinary people.

Philosophy is the contemporary form of shamelessness.

Youth is a bright age for easy happiness.

I wait on the margins of my tongue.

There is no sun without shadow and it is necessary to know the night.

If your faith falls to the ground, your gun will fall to the ground.

True despair is moribund, grave, and abyss.

Human, is the only lifeform that rejects what it is.

Love is a disease that infects all people, without saying smart fools.

Words are like bags, take the shape of what is put inside.

I am a writer. My pen, not me, thinks, remembers or encompasses.

It is a shame for a person to be happy alone.

Albert Camus Quotes

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The way to be great is through work like genius and sweat forehead.

All evil in the world almost always comes from ignorance.

I always have someone in me trying with all my might to be nothing.

There is no thought that one cannot get used to in the end.

The best thing people do every day is to decide not to commit suicide .

Everything that leaves is humor, everything that stays and waits is poetry.

Who taught you all this? The answer came at the moment of pain.

Loving a person is being willing to age with him.

All great events, great thoughts have an insignificant beginning.

The most ideal order for people is the order in which they are happy.

When I realized that I could not leave my time, I decided to join him.

Contemporary political society is the machine to make people miserable.

One way to know a country is to look at how the people living in that country die.

Happiness is the greatest victory over the fate that compels us.

Since we are all going to die, when and how it happens is obvious.

Living is a value judgment in itself. As for breathing; is to judge.

Nothing is as simple as greatness; because to be simple is to be a little big.

If a network cannot do without its slaves, which of the two is a free person.

Albert Camus Quotes

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In the coldest time of winter, I finally learned that there was a summer inside me that I could not beat.

When death is a matter of statistics and government, world affairs are not going well anymore.

Putting aside its dignity, the revolution will betray its resources dominated by this feeling.

True generosity for the future involves giving up everything that is present now.

There is a judgment at the end of every freedom; That is why the burden of freedom is unbearable, very heavy.

Politics and art are two sides of rebellion against the irregularities of the world.

If a man opens the door of his car to his wife, you can be sure either his car is new or his wife.

Nobody realizes how hard some people go to just be normal.

Freedom is not a hope for the future It is in the present and in tune with people and the present world.

I cannot live with people for long. I need some loneliness from the share of eternity.

My occupation is to write my books and to fight when my people and people are threatened. That’s all.

You know that; Even the smartest people are honored to knock over a bottle more than someone else.

Deep emotions always have more meaning when expressed consciously, like great works.

Either you live with time and die, or you go out of time for a higher life.

Whatever I know about morality, I owe it to football. Because the ball never came from the corner I expected.

Albert Camus Quotes

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The freedom of the press is perhaps the freedom that has suffered most from the increasing humiliation of the idea of ​​freedom.

Art, I think, is to find images, forms that will delight the greatest number of people with common pain and joy.

The world has no meaning other than human. If we want to save our understanding of life, we must save people.

Human and life are also absurd; it is futile, random, nothing solid; but still must live.

Man is not entirely guilty because he did not start history, but he is not wholly innocent because he sustained history.

People do not for the reasons you show, your sincerity and the weight of your pain, but; they will believe when you die.

Our twentieth century is an age of fear. You will say that fear is not a science, but science has its share in this fear.

It could be to love in peace and quiet. But there is consciousness and human; it is necessary to talk. Loving turns into hell.

My friends, now I’m going to tell you something big. Do not wait for Doomsday to break out, it breaks off every day.

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead, don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk next to me and be my friend.

Many of us are blinded by the polemics, and now we live in a world of shadows, not among people.

Either there is a higher meaning of this world that transcends all its convulsions, or nothing other than these struggles is real.

Don’t go ahead of me, I might not be able to follow you, don’t come behind me, I might not be able to guide you; Walk with me and my friend stayed only.

By not accepting despair and this troubled world, I wanted people to unite and fight against their evil destiny.

Albert Camus Quotes

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History is nothing more than a desperate effort made by people to realize the brightest of dreams.

All the unhappiness of the people comes from the hope that tears them away from the silence of the castle and throws them into the walls in anticipation of salvation.

The art of writing will adhere to the following two tasks, which are difficult to protect; not even to lie and to resist human oppression.

It is much easier to process a template thought than to dwell on a delicacy. They stayed for me and chose the thought and I was stupid.

Man attains real and absolute happiness for himself only once in his life and devotes his rest of his life to reaching this happiness again.

Official history is the history of the great killers I have ever been. Cain has not killed Abel today, but today Kabul kills Abel for reason and wants a medal of honor.

I can say that the important thing is to be human, to be simple and I will say in a moment. No, the important thing is to be right, and there are all for that. Humanity or simplicity too.

For example, I say ‘my friends’, I have no friends anymore, only accomplices. Their number has increased too, all the people are my accomplices. You come first. Whoever is next to me is the first.

If people have money, they do not have to work. So he buys time. In this remaining time, he does things that can make himself happy. So money buys happiness.

Only after you die will people believe in the gravity of your sincere suffering in the reasons you put forward. As long as you live, your situation is suspicious, they doubt you very much, you can qualify for this much.

There is no freedom for man unless he overcomes his fear of death. But not by suicide. It is necessary not to let go of this fear. He should be able to die without feeling bitter or afraid.

In some cases, it may be a controversy to answer ‘none’ to a question about what one thinks. Beloved creatures know this well. If it were necessary to write the only history of human thought that could have any meaning, the thing to do would be to write a history of their regrets and weaknesses chasing each other. The so-called reason for living is also a very good cause of dying at.

Day-to-day women, day-to-day virtue or virtue-by-day dog-like, but it is myself who stands firmly in place every day. So I was moving on the surface of life, in words never in reality. Those unread books, those unloved friends, those cities not fully visited, those women who are not fully embraced …

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